Deadly Detectives by Steve Backshall Review

Reviewed by Debbie Douglas

This book is visually stunning, the photographs are absolutely amazing and each of us had a different favourite from the yawning lion to the water monitor. We love how the book explores a vast array of animals from the everyday fox and rabbit to the Grizzly Bear. Each of which we now know how to track, should the need ever arise to track a bear! The book is broken down into different habitats such as fresh water and ancient woodland so it is easy to choose an adventure based on where you are heading on a particular day. We chose woodland for our first detective adventure. We learned that the half egg shell Craig found had come from a hatched bird rather than being anything bad happening to the chick which was great news for my little detectives. We found rabbit poo (lots of it) which led us to burrows and we were rewarded by seeing a few bunnies scampering around. Who knew how exciting poo could be to two small children!

I absolutely love this book; it engages the children with the photography and encourages them to ask questions. Craig wants to find a Thorny Devil lizard and keep it as a pet! Amy wants to build a snow cave the next time it snows! It fires their imaginations which for any book I think is an achievement. Maybe next time at the beach we will find a great white shark or the giant octopus. Unlikely?! But it certainly won’t stop us looking.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.99 (Paperback)

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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