Custom Envy Phone Case Review


Reviewed by Helen W

I was lucky enough to receive a Customer Envy phone case to review recently. Before I received the item I had to navigate the Custom Envy phone case website to see which case I’d like. When you log on to the option to purchase customisable phone cases is very obvious, and you can see that there are several other items the company will personalise as well, such as mugs, canvases, beach towels, tumblers, blankets, journals, clocks and notebooks! When you click through to custom cases, you next have to select your phone type. Mine is a Samsung S8 which is one of several options the company provides for.

On the next screen there are several useful statements about why the company is good to buy from, as opposed to the competition (of which there is A LOT!), including a 100% money back guarantee, and all the products being backed by a lifetime warranty. Just these two statements do give you a lot more confidence in the company, particularly as there are some companies out there who are more likely to sell you rubbish to get your money. Once you select your phone, you can then choose between an extra protective case or a slim one. I opted for an extra protective one as despite the best will in the world I do drop my phone, and wanted to make sure I gave it a bit of extra padding!

The extra protective case has two layers, with an inner TPU lining and outer hard plastic shell. The company states the cases are virtually indestructible and exceed the US military drop test standards, which is pretty impressive! Despite this, they say the case has minimal impact on the size of the phone itself, and still gives clear access to connection ports. You click through to the design section and you are presented with multiple layout options such as one single photo, filmstrip, scatter, or multi box. I opted for one full photo. You then add your photo, and the website shows you what it will look like on your phone, so you can pick a different one or a different layout if you prefer. It’s then a simple matter of adding to the cart and checking out. The website was very easy to use!

The case did take several days to arrive as it is shipped from the USA, however on arrival I opened the packaging and was immediately impressed with the quality of the print of the photo! The case has a very clear glossy finish, and the photo I chose looks great. I wondered if the case would fit my phone OK, as not every case that’s supposedly designed for my phone will actually fit, but it slid on easily and clipped into place with no fuss at all. There is easy access to all relevant ports such as charging, and the built in buttons work perfectly to make the buttons on the phone itself work.

I have actually dropped my phone accidentally since I got this case, on a rather hard surface, and there were no noticeable effects or damage to the case or the phone. You do need a screen protector as this case does not include one but a gorilla glass one is worth the investment and you’ll have a super protected and custom phone.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: approximately £39

This product can be purchased from Custom Envy here.

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