Cuskiboo Comforter Review

Cuskiboo Comforter

Reviewed by Fiona Stevenson

Being a mother is a blessing, being a mother of twins is even more so, but when you have one upset baby who won’t take a dummy to help comfort her it is upsetting. 

My oldest but smallest twin hasn't taken a dummy at all. Despite numerous attempts and many pounds being spent to get her the right ones for her small mouth. When the Cuskiboo comforter arrived I couldn't wait to open it to try her with it. The packaging was lovely and the ribbon on it was quickly pinched by my 6 year old daughter.  It was nice to see that there wasn't lots of packaging (so very little waste) but it was still well protected and looked very pretty.

Hearing my daughter cry made me jump instantly to give her the comforter. As soon as the soft material touched her tiny little hand she pulled it up towards her face. She was instantly calmed by the Cuskiboo and so was mummy. I can't believe how attached to it she has become. I really would be lost without it too. It has been washed numerous times and comes out looking like new again. 

I just love this product and would definitely recommend it to friends and family who are expecting. I think I'll be buying one for my other twin now.

This product deserves 5*, 10/10, A+ but above all it deserves the mummy seal of approval as its priceless and seeing my daughter happy is all I want. 

NOTE: Cuskiboo is now officially approved by the National Health Service, with its own protocol for use in SCBUs & NICUs.

RRP: £16.99 

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Cuski Online in several colours here.

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