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Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

One of my twin boys, who has significant speech and language delay, has been getting so excited whenever he sees a Chubby Puppies advert on TV. I was therefore over the moon to be sent 3 Chubby Puppies items to review.

The first item was the Chubby Puppies Tunnel Playset (RRP: £22.99). This set contains a beagle puppy, tunnel, carrier, shoe and squirrel. 1 AAA battery is required and is included. This is for the puppy. My twins love taking their puppy out and about in its puppy carrier and pushing it through the tunnel. I was glad to see that the set is made from quality material. It needs to stand up to regular use from my twins. I love sitting and watching Tom and Jack chatting away about what their puppies are doing.


The next item was the Chubby Puppies Ultimate Dog Park (RRP: £34.99). The puppy takes an AAA battery and one is included. The park even has a white fence and gate. There is a lift, swing, dog kennel, food and water bowls. My twins will sit for so long putting their puppies up in the lift and watching them go down the slide. What’s so lovely is hearing them describe the colour of the puppies and what they are doing.


The last item we received was Chubby Puppies Single Pack Cocker Spaniel with a Frisbee (RRP: £9.99). The puppy takes an AAA battery and one is included. The frisbee is made of durable material and is easy to put in the puppy’s mouth and remove again.


These are definitely one of my twins favourite toys and actually of my 10 year old daughter too. The puppies all have that adorableness factor. They are so funny to watch as they stumble around with their cute little tongues sticking out.

These sets would make a perfect Christmas present for any animal loving children. I can see them being part of our daily routine for a very long time and we will be buying more bits to expand our collection.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Available to buy from Argos or Amazon here.


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