Christmas Gift Ideas for Men Part Three Review

christmasthemeChristmas Gift Ideas for Men

Reviewed by Amy Black

I’m sure like most, I find getting the perfect gift for the men in my life extremely difficult! Usually I end up getting the same types of things aftershave, t shirts, gift vouchers etc. but this is getting a little boring! So, I’m glad I’ve had the chance to review some unusual gift ideas for him for What’s Good To Do.

Main Gift Ideas:

1 – Daddy Coin Keyring
2 – Dorco Eve 6 Razor
3 – Ross and Ross Food XL Man Box

Daddy & Me Keyring from MW Studio


As this is the first Christmas (and birthday) that my husband is now also a dad to our lovely daughter I was looking for an unusual, non-disposable gift that he could be given from her. I knew a handmade item was what I wanted but struggle to find one that hasn’t already been done, or doesn’t look too feminine. This keyring therefore was ideal! One coin is from the year of our daughter’s birth and the other my husbands, it is set together on a 925 plated silver plate that reads ‘Daddy & Me’ which is hand engraved.

I would say this could be a main gift idea for Christmas maybe from a child to their dad (as I have done) as It is quite expensive for a keyring (RRP: £21.75). I do feel though that the quality and unusual design is worthy of the price especially as this is a keepsake item, my husband loved it so much!

I would give this 4.5 out of 5, a great product for a Christmas gift, but a little pricey so may not appeal to everyone. For more information or to buy visit MW Studio.

PACE 6 Razor from Dorco


A gift idea for dads and granddads could be a new razor, my hubby generally uses an electric razor so I asked him to try out the Dorco Pace 6 Razor (RRP: £7.99). It has 6 ultra-sharp blades, a fine trimmer blade, a non-slip handle. Supplied with the handle and 2 6-blade heads. His thoughts were:

The most important thing about any razor is the shave it gives you and I wasn’t disappointed by the Dorco razor it gave me a really close, smooth shave without feeling like I was close to cutting myself. It feels comfortable in my hand as I was using it. It is quite robust and heavy due to the metal used in the handle which I like – you can tell that this razor will last a long time. The price is less than other razor’s I’ve brought in the past, but has all the same qualities of more expensive brands. while I’ve just started using this seems real value for money so far and I am going to continue to use it, I would definitely recommend this as a gift idea for him. 5 out of 5. For more information or to buy visit Dorco.

Ross & Ross Food XL Man Box


For a slightly higher priced gift idea (for the over 18-year-old man!) is the Ross & Ross XL Man Box (RRP: £38), this gift idea will not disappoint. Included in this kit are all high-quality food and drink products from smaller suppliers including the Cotswold pig golden ale, Cotswold premium lager, award winning spicy chorizo and salami, chutneys and 2 bags of pork scratchings.


All the products are high quality so you won’t be able to find these down your local supermarket. I am a big ale fan and have never tried this one included in the box, and I have to say I absolutely loved it! So easy to drink with a lovely full taste!

When sampling the salami and chorizo you can really taste that this is a high-end luxury product both went down fantastically in our house! Another thing I love about these products is that they are all British made.

The only downside is I feel that a small box of crackers could be included so that the salami and chutneys could be sampled to their potential immediately. The XL Man Box is quite expensive and due to the price I would give this a 4.5 out of 5, a great idea for a more luxurious Christmas gift for the man in your life. It is definitely worth looking up the website as Ross & Ross also offer other box types ranging in prices with a variety of different products, so if this one doesn’t suit I’m sure you will find one that fits your needs. For more information or to buy a Man Box visit Ross & Ross.

Stocking Filler Gift Ideas:

1 – The Groovy Food Company Coconut Flour
2 – Dome8 iPhone Case
3 – Rebel Tech Kit by Sugru

The Groovy Food Company Coconut Flour


We are all familiar with the famous baking show that is coming to an end and I’m sure like me it has inspired a baking frenzy in your house! As part of an usual gift idea this coconut flour (RRP: £3.99) is a perfect way to tap into the baking frenzy and also encourage baking by everyone in your house! The flour is organic, gluten free, high in fibre and suitable for vegans and vegetarians so it not only tastes great it really is good for you! It is also worth noting coconut flour goes a lot further than regular flour so a bag is smaller than regular flour but lasts ages, enough for plenty of recipes!

The Groovy Food Company have a range of recipe ideas on their website, the flour can be used in sweet and savoury dishes. An idea I would suggest for a gift could be making a hamper including the ingredients you need to make a specific dish using the coconut flour, a really quirky guilt free gift!

5 out of 5 – we love, love, love this product! For more information or to buy visit The Groovy Food Company.

Dome8 iPhone 5 Headphone Case


I have just replaced my iPhone 5 case with the dome8 case. I love the practicality of it – you can store your headphones when you’re not using them this way they are not going to get tangled or damaged by storing them loose in your pocket or in the bottom of your bag. This product will potentially save you money as iPhone headphones are not cheap to replace. It is really durable and hard wearing so I am confident if you were to drop your phone then this case could help prevent breaks or cracks. I also like how the edge/frame of the case sits a bit higher than the phone screen, this should help stop the phone becoming scratched.

It comes with really easy to follow instructions on how to fit the case and also how to use the headphone storage – literally anyone could just pick this up and use it. I also like that it’s just one solid case – I have had cases in the past that clip into each other and found dirt can get inbetween the seal.

The only thing that took a bit of getting used to is the fact there is a bump on the back as a result of the headphone storage as it feels different to my previous case, however I am sure in a couple of weeks I won’t even notice it. I would definitely recommend this case as a gift. It is lightweight, practical, durable and looks good (comes in a range of colours). I’m really happy with it! 5 out of 5! For more information or to buy a headphone case for your iPhone 5, 6 or 7 visit dome8.

Rebel Tech Kit by Sugru


When I was given the Sugru Mouldable Glue Rebel Tech Kit (RRP: £10) I was a little sceptical as to how useful this product would be. I realise now that may be just down to my lack of imagination as after reading through the booklet that comes with 14 ideas to fix things that are broken, or hacks to improve everyday items I had loads of ideas! There are also loads of ideas on the websites with other examples of how other people have used Sugru.

You can get different colours so you can either mimic the colours you are using Sugru on, or really make things stand out by mixing colours. I love one of the uses child proofing your camera! The bright and vibrant colours enhance the product as well as being functional. Sugru is really easy to use and is just like using playdough – you tear/cut off how much you want to work with, mould it into the shape you want and then press (or rub depending on what you’re working with) firmly and leave for 24 hours to set into rubber. So far, I have repaired my iPhone cable that had become frayed so it has already saved me money. I am also looking forward to making a hook for the outside of my wardrobe to hang my dressing gown, and a cable organiser for our bedside table.

This fantastic kit is £10 and can be purchased directly from the manufacture or from some DIY shops. This is a definite stoking filler for Christmas time.

Within this ‘man’ kit you get 4 packs of Sugru, a Sugru tin and Sugru remover as well as a project booklet full of great ideas on how to use Sugru to get you started. However, I would recommend going on the website as this gives lots of ideas, hints and tips on how to use Sugru.

A must for any man drawer or cupboard! I could see this being a hit around the Christmas table with projects starting before dinner had ended!

5/5 a great invention with hundreds of uses… I’m ordering more for my dad’s Christmas stocking. Fot more information or to buy visit Sugru. enjoyed reviewing all of the above products. Whatever age group, or person you are buying for this Christmas one of the above gifts will fit the bill! I would urge you to click onto the links and have a look at the products in the comfort of your own home.

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