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Reviewed by Hannah Wigglesworth

I have a six month old son who is desperately teething and a dribbling mess. We have been using all the traditional dribble bibs which are always soaking wet and leave him with a rash on his neck. He is also chewing anything in sight.

Within a few days of using the Cheeky Chomper Neckerchew, the rash on his neck had almost gone. The bib is made from a few layers of fabric and is reversible, you don’t have the rough towling layer of traditional dribble bibs that is always wet and sits on their skin to give them the rash. We loved the teether on the bottom of the bib, the idea is so that you aren’t constantly retrieving and cleaning dropped teethers, this is a fair point, however, we found it most useful to always have the teether at hand to be able to pop in his mouth to save him chewing on our hands.


We also trialled the Comfortchew too, this was the real winner in our eyes! The teether on the corner is a great item, its firm but not hard, we have struggled to find the right teether for us, the hard plastic teethers don’t interest our son and other well-known teethers are just not hard enough and don’t have the right textures to entertain any decent teething. The comforter has a loop to pop round the child’s wrist to keep it close, but we attached it to the bar on the buggy, I think I would prefer this to have a popper or Velcro so I could attach it to other surfaces like the play gym and car seat straps.

I took both products out with us on a meet up with the ladies from my antenatal class, they all liked the bib for the absorbency and fact its reversible, however, they all loved the comforter, they love the taggies as all their babies are really into tags and the soft underside makes it suitable for night time cuddles too. Several of the mums were so impressed they are planning to buy them for their babies.

Having really used these products well, I am very impressed, the fabric washed well, food stains came out well and the big bonus for me is I don’t have to iron them after washing! I’m a big fan of the teether attachments and can’t wait to see where the product development goes next, possibly some teething gloves and stand alone teething products using their animal design.

If anyone were to now ask me now what gift they should buy a new baby, this is the product to get, nothing beats it on quality and the amount of usage they will get from it. It definitely beats all the other teething products we own.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £9.99 to £29.95

Available to buy from Cheeky Chompers here.


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