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Reviewed by New_Mama

Getting your child to brush their teeth is a daily struggle for most parents. Starting early is therefore key but I hadn’t come across ways to introduce this prior to the use of actual toothbrushes. I was therefore interested to try Cheeky Chompers baby starter toothbrush set which is designed to be safe for use from 0months plus with the aim to get your baby used to brushing well before the need for standard toothbrushes.

The items arrived in simple sufficient packaging. The set is then packaged in a simple blue and white box. I liked the overall design as it appeals to the parents, who are ultimately buying the item, but the font used seems to make it child friendly. The hippo logo also does this. The packaging is made from recycled card which is great and I would assume that it can be recycled again once the small plastic window had been removed.

The pack contains 2 flexi-brushes in different shades of blue (one light and one dark). The size (10cm x 5.3cm x 1cm) seems perfect for little hands and the shape would certainly allow for easy griping (designed as two handed to make this even easier for our little ones). On first glance they are similar to lots of teethers, with 3 different textured patterns around the edges, and have a similar feel to them. However the mini toothbrush within the hippos head is what makes this item ‘a training toothbrush.’ Made from ‘food grade silicone’ which has been FDA approved, and is designed to be gentle on teeth and gums. It is designed to allow baby to start getting used to the sensation of brushing and can be held and chewed by them or held by parents to start helping them experience what brushing feels like. The hippo head brush element can also have toothpaste added to it like a standard toothbrush.

The brand certainly has parents in mind when designing this item as the flexi-brushes are both dishwasher and steriliser safe. I really appreciated this as the need to keep toys clean at this age is so important and yet its been made so simple to ensure this doesn’t add to your workload. A QR code on the front of the box gives you online instructions for how to use. I liked how this avoided the need for additional paper and makes the instructions easily accessible.

It’s a bit too early to tell whether the use of the Flexi-brushes will make a long term difference to my child’s toothbrushing however the owners Julies and Amy claim to be on ‘a mission to make parents lives easier, one idea at a time’ so I hope that it does! I would certainly consider these as gifts in the future, as an alternative to many teethers with an additional use.

Rating: 4/5.  I would give this product a rating of 4 out of 5.

RRP: £9.99

This product can be purchased from the brands own website on

Standard delivery , which takes 3-4 days, is £3.50 or free over £40 to the UK. Express or guaranteed next day delivery is also available at an additional cost. International delivery is also available so these cheeky chompers can be sent around the world.

The website highlights how the brand also sells a range of other baby items, from blankets to bibs.

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