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Cewe Fill Your Own Photo Advent Calendar And Photo Mug Review


Reviewed by New_Mama

As someone who takes a lot of photographs and loves having these displayed, as well as appreciating personalised items, I was very pleased to be allocated a photo mug and fill your own personalised advent calendar, both from Cewe. Cewe is one of the largest photo printing companies in the UK and is also now linked with Boots photo to supply all their photo printing and related products.

Both items were created online through Cewe’s main website. The mug I was given was one of their classic photo mugs, however there are several other mug types which you can choose from including porcelain or enamel options, latte style mugs or magic photo mugs (where the image appears when the mug becomes warm). The classic design I had allows you to personalise a 9.5 x 8 cm ceramic mug with photos and text of your choice, from hundreds of designs. It was incredibly simple to upload an image onto the webpage, and then text, coloured backgrounds and photo effects can be added or altered to create truly unique designs. I experimented with different background effects but in the end kept it simple with a photo with scrapbook type edging and a simple white heart symbol design on the corner. For the standard price of £7.99 the personalised sections on the front of the mug measures 9.6 x 8 cm. The mug itself is what I would class as a standard size mug, with the internal diameter measuring 8cm. Whilst the mugs are said to be dishwasher proof, the website does recommend in order to keep the clarity of your design to hand wash only which I think is fairly typical of personalised printed designs like these. It is also recommended not to microwave the mugs. Additional extras including internal colours to the mug can be added to the design if wanted.

The advent calendar was initially a little trickier to design but worth it in the end. For some reason when using just one full image which I initially tried, an error alerted me to the fact that the photo clarity was too low (I was using photos from an average camera phone). This meant that I had to choose a design which allowed multiple smaller photos instead. Again I trialled many different designs and choose a 9 option one, with photos in a 3 x 3 design on a festive red background. Again there is a large range of background colours, patterns and designs to choose from.
For all items, there are clear instructions on the website. Whilst I had no difficulty, there is also a 24/7 support team advertised to answer any questions.

The items were delivered in simple branded cardboard packaging designed for each item so they transported well and there was no damage. No plastic or excess packing was used, making it seem eco friendly which also fits with the company’s sustainability promise.

The mug is nicely printed, exactly as designed and a great level of clarity to the photo which has a nice gloss finish. It came out as hoped and certainly comparable to any other nice photo mug I have made or seen before. For me it was the advent calendar that I was most excited to see made up, having never made a personalised one like this before and it didn’t disappoint! I have to admit that the initial annoyance of having to choose multiple photos instead of one disappeared as soon as I saw my finished product. Covered with family memories printed in very high quality clarity on thick cardboard, I was very impressed and just love it! My design allows me to then fill the advent calendar with any chocolates or small items I like and I cannot wait to fill it for my little boy. The calendar came open at one end, allowing you to easily pull out the tray to fill each number hole. Pre filled options with different chocolate brands are also available if this is preferred. Overall the calendar measures 48 x 36 cm so is bigger than most ready made ones from the supermarkets and the spaces are certainly bigger than most.

All in all, both are great Christmas (or pre Christmas in the case of the advent calendar) gifts for any member of the family or a friend. I will certainly be considering Cewe in the future now for personalised photo gifts (from their large range which also includes phots books, phone cases and wall art) and hope to make another photo advent calendar again!

Rating: I would give these products together a rating of 4 out of 5.

RRP: £21.99 for the advent calender and from £7.99 for the photo mug

These products can be purchased from Cewe’s own website here and here.

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