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Casdon Joseph Joseph Bake Set Review


Reviewed by Helen O

I was really excited when I heard I’d been allocated the Casdon Joseph Joseph Bake Set to review, as I’m a massive fan of the adult kitchenware and there’s no time like the present, to start my Mini Me’s initiation into the wonder of Joseph Joseph, particularly as my daughter got her own play kitchen for Christmas, so she has got the baking bug!

Fortunately I didn’t have to wait very long for the set to arrive, it was super-quick delivery and well packaged, so the product arrived in pristine condition. The product was in a lovely colourful box, which depicted exactly what I should expect to find in the box. This was a mixing bowl, set of 4 measuring cups, rolling pin, twist whisk, and an egg spatula. The biggest surprise to me was discovering that the set can actually be used for baking and isn’t just a toy (but of course you can use it however you like).

The majority of the packaging was cardboard and held the items in securely, although, as with so many things these days, the items were packaged inside a couple of individual plastic bags, which I think is completely unnecessary, particularly in current times.

The instruction leaflet included in the pack, gave details of how to use the set to make pizza, which was a nice touch and something we’ll definitely be trying in due course.

The measuring cups were beautifully bright colours and even nested and clipped together to keep them as a set and handy for storage. The best thing about the set is that it can be used to measure out accurate amounts of ingredients, so it’s great for teaching your budding baker numeracy skills.

I like the fact that you can twist the whisk to form a proper whisk shape and then collapse it again after use, to make it easier to store flat. Again, it was a lovely bright orange colour; colourful kitchenware is something that I associate with Joseph Joseph designs and is one of it’s real selling points.

The rolling pin is ergonomically designed for little hands, so the little ones only need to hold the handles on the end, not roll the actual pin across the dough etc.

The only slightly disappointing part of the set was the size of the bowl, which doesn’t really lend itself to be used for any meaningful baking, but I guess it can be used to help weigh out some of the ingredients, before decanting into a bigger bowl.

All items are embossed with the Joseph Joseph logo, as you would expect to find with the adult-sized versions of the Joseph Joseph range. The product quality and detail was brilliant. They looked great and would make a great addition to any kitchen or play kitchen.

The set is marketed at age 3+, which is definitely suitable and is brilliant to help little bakers develop hand-eye co-ordination. It retails at £13, which I think is really good value considering how many items you get, the product quality and the fact that it can actually be used for baking. At the time of my review, the set was for sale in Argos and included in a ‘buy 2 for £20’ deal, which would be amazing value. My children, especially my daughter, absolutely loved the set and couldn’t wait to get her little hands on it, mimicking how baking works in real life. I really enjoyed watching her get involved in imaginative play.

I think this set would make a perfect gift for young children and would make a lovely alternative Easter gift, if you’re looking for something different to chocolate. I would most definitely recommend this set to my family and friends.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £13

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