Captain No Beard Fribbet the Frog by Carole P Roman Review


Reviewed by Emma Baker

Reading is a major thing in our house so any new books and the kids go crazy and this little treasure was no different.

The cover is a picture of a worried frog on a pirate ship, pirates and animals are loved so from the start we couldn’t wait to see what the book was about. It all starts with Fribbet the Frog being unhappy and none of his friends know why, but after some kind and wise words about sharing his problems he soon opens up and tells the crew about these tiny eggs that have taken over his lily pad. Not only that but after 21 days they start to hatch, and then out popped fishy looking things and then even more change they grow legs and start playing with his toys and taking up his mum and dads time. Fribbet feels pushed out with all the new froglet’s about and he is unsure of what to do and how he should be feeling. One of his crew is a big brother and assures him that even though having younger siblings about can sometimes be hard work it is also very rewarding and fun having someone to play with and look after.

It is very well written and has lovely illustrated pictures making this a pleasant read, and a lovely heartfelt story great for any child, even more if they are about to go through that difficult transition of a new sibling.

The book also came with a fabulous lily pad frog lifecycle that we have looked through many times, it’s a delightful pin wheel explaining the life cycle of frogs which was very educational for the younger members of the household.

Not only a great read but educational as well what more could anyone want from a children’s book.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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