Can-do on Your Canada Holiday

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The Canadians are well-known for their can-do attitude, one that has made and continues to make the nation one of the best in the world today. On your holidays to Canada, you will also experience its can-do attitude and, more importantly, you will adopt it for yourself, too!

What inspires Canadians to adopt such a positive attitude? Let’s take a look.

It’s In the Environment
When you live in a country as beautiful as Canada, you cannot help it. The country has a seemingly endless range of remarkable landscapes that even the best photographers will have a difficult time capturing on their lenses – snow-capped mountains with spiky peaks, majestic glaciers carving out their niches, prairies field with wheat waving in the wind, and rainforests so spectacular as to be otherworldly.

And then there’s the long stretches of coastlines, thanks to Canada’s water borders consisting of the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean aside from its fair share of inland bodies of water.

Indeed, your Canada holidays will be marked by your adventures on land and on water, perhaps even on air. Just discuss your options with your travel co-ordinator so that appropriate arrangements can be made beforehand.

Did we mention that your holidays to Canada will most likely be incomplete without seeing many of its wild animals? Think of polar bears, grizzly bears, and moose as well as whales, among others, all of which will certainly vie for your attention.

Don’t dismiss the cities either. You will be hard-pressed to mention other cities with the same charm as the cities of Canada with their clean streets, efficient systems, and friendly people, not to mention the wide range of shopping, dining and entertainment options.

It’s In the Water, Too
Or more appropriately, in the food and beverages, too! Don’t listen to people who say that Canadian cuisine cannot hold a candle to, say, French and Italian cuisines; they have yet to discover the secrets that Canadians keep close to their hearts.

We are talking about the finest off-the-vine fruits and vegetables that Canadian farmers are adept at growing, the distinctive seafood courtesy of Canadian fishermen harvesting the bounties of the oceans, and the piquant cheeses that add dimension to even the simplest fare as well as the crisp red and white wines that are increasingly being known around the world.

And with Canada stretching all across North America, you will find plenty of must-have regional favourites. Think of lobster with butter, golden fries soaked in generous dabs of cheese curd and sumptuous gravy, and delicious scallops and wild salmon, among others.

With such delicious, nutritious and filling fare, it’s no wonder that Canadians have a can-do attitude! A satisfied stomach makes for a satisfied individual, after all, so we suggest leaving your food inhibitions at home.

Are you ready to be a Canadian for a few days on your holiday? We bet you are!

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