Calcot Manor Spa Products Review

Reviewed by Karen Crielly

I received the following Calcot Manor spa products from Tesco to try; “The Perfect Day Body Scrub”, “De-Stress Body Balm” and “The Lazy Evening Gentle Salt Scrub”.

Firstly I tried “The Perfect Day Body Scrub”, described as a daily polish, infused with Papaya, Lemon and Vitamin E, so I was bit concerned it would be too gentle to be effective, especially on the usual dry spots of knees, elbows and heels, but oh no this scrub had other ideas. I have always used body scrubs on dry skin and this product was lovely to use, it spread well and didn’t clump when massaging onto the skin. It also smells heavenly and with its silky smooth texture it meant I didn’t need as much product as I have needed with other less luxurious products. As I worked this product onto my skin I could feel that even though it was a very gentle scrub it was actually a really effective exfoliator, just with none of the usual coarseness. It seemed to be soap rather than oil based so it gently lathered as you used it. Now normally I find rinsing any kind of body scrubs off a bit of a pain as they never seem to rinse cleanly and you spend ages rinsing off. This one however was lovely, as it lathered ever so slightly when massaged under the shower and rinsed cleanly away first time. When I got out of the shower and even though my skin had been a bit dry from sun bathing it felt silky and smooth and smelled divine.

I followed up the scrub with the as advised it is best used after exfoliating “De-Stress Body Balm” now I couldn’t resist the instructions which were as follows “Apply liberally to the whole body and massage in gently as you breathe in the calming scents of Orange Blossom and Orchid for silky smooth skin.” Now when the package arrived this could be smelled through the wrapping and it was lush. My post lady said she had kept it to deliver last as her wee van smelled so nice. This body balm is delightful and you only need the tiniest amount even to spread liberally as it just goes so far. After massaging in my skin felt amazing, the scent seems to envelope you as you rub this cream in and it’s not a chore to use as it soaks into your skin with no effort. It’s light and easy to use. When I got up this morning my skin was silky smooth and so soft and still smelled wonderful. This product is so light I have used it every day after showering without feeling that it was over loading my skin.


I waited a couple of days before trying “The Lazy Evening Gentle Salt Scrub” Again I used on dry skin before showering as recommended. I thought this would be a very gentle product as it was just sea salt but it gives a wonderful scrub, and lusciously scented with Almond Oil. This product when used on dry skin and then washed off in the shower has almost double the scrub effect, and as it is oil based it takes a bit more massaging to wash off the skin, but in no way does this make it abrasive or irritating to your skin, it simply leaves your skin silky smooth and soft and again smelling wonderful. It is advised to only uses this product twice a week and I can understand why as your skin stays so soft for a good 48 hours after using and I think it will be a great and long lasting moisturising product when used regularly.

I cannot explain how good these products smell, my bathroom now smells like a professional spa. Bliss.

I would highly recommend these products, the quality of the packaging and ingredients in these top shelve products are first class.

A very definite 5 out of 5 for all the products I tried!

Rating: 5/5

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