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Build Your Own Kits Build Your Own Mini Build Review


Reviewed by Michelle

Well, how exciting is this and exciting being the operative word.

Firstly, I need to point how how amazed I was to learn that this kit is so environmentally friendly as it is made using 100% sustainable cardboard and paper, making it eco-friendly too.

The kit I had was the Mini-Build Honey Bee with a wingspan of 27cm, 10.6 inches. What makes this kit and the honey bee really awesome is that there is actually a tab you can pull on to make the actions of wings flap.  How cool is that.

The kit comes with 20 pieces and these are divided up into sections on card. The card is thick and strong and has been made easy to use when taking each piece of the board it is placed on.

The colours consist of 2, black and a lovely bold and strong yellow, just as you would expect from a honey bee. There are then some silver wings to place on the board of the wings, giving it that contrast of three colours. They actually are truly stunning.

The mechanics of putting the kit together is easy. No glue is required at all as the pieces just slot together and there is also a four page leaflet which shows and gives you illustrative instructions on how to put the kit together.

Once the kit has been put together, there is a Press Out Honey Bee Fact Stand which is located on the back of the pack, be sure to take it easy when dismantling it. It is very good cardboard, not flimsy and stands up really well. It is informative as it gives the following information about the honey bee along with its Latin name and a fact about it too:-


This makes a great kit to put together with the children, I did this with my 7 and 12 year old grandchildren and they loved it. Whilst putting it together, they asked questions and there is a barcode on the box which allows then to find more cool stuff. They thought it was great that they were playing and building something that was kind, gentle and friendly to the planet too. They learnt so much from building this.

It says on the box 20 minutes to build the kit but we took longer.  That is because I allowed each of them to take turns and we were fact finding and reading in between. This was great, we were not in a rush and to be honest, it is not about rushing education, it is about having fun whilst learning and they certainly got that.

There is a skill rating on the box too, it says 2 out of 5 stars but not having built one of these kits before, I can not compare it.

I love the fact that not only is it fun but it is very educational and supports STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is also great for cognitive learning.

Recommended age is 8+ with supervision but as I say, I had my 7 year old grandchild and he had just as much fun as the 12 year old.

Rating: 5/5

RRP and buy link:

It can be brought for just £9.99 from Build Your Own Kits to which you can find the link to their website below. What makes this even better price wise is if you were to sign up, you get 20% discount off your first order.

Delivery is free for orders over £25.00

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