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"The average spend on a wedding in the UK is £24,000 It's very easy for the stress to mount and for brides to lose sight of the fun they know they should be having. In The Bridal Coach, I teach both the practical skills and the mindset required by the bride and their family to make the day go like a dream." – Michele Paradise – The Bridal Coach

TV fashion judge and modelling adviser Michele Paradise has released a unique DVD guide to help women enjoy the wedding day they of their dreams.

In The Bridal Coach 4 DVD set (www.thebridalcoachdvd.com), Michele Paradise – a former catwalk model – advise brides on all aspects of their wedding day, from how to look stunning, how to stand with poise and elegance all the way through to how to feel fantastic on their special day.

Michele, a judge and adviser on TV hits "The Clothes Show", "Model Behaviour!" and "Britain's Next Top Model" is also a life-coach and hypnotherapist trained by self-help expert Paul McKenna. She combines a unique set of skills to help brides-to-be enjoy their day, and feel and look fantastic, inside and out.

"Being a Bride is like being a supermodel for the day," says Michele. "The big difference is supermodels have guidance and years of experience. Brides don't – and they only get one shot at it."

In The Bridal Coach, real brides-to-be discover the secrets of instant calm, creating confidence and enjoying every moment of their day, thanks to the psychological techniques she learned from McKenna.

At the same time, with her model's eye, Michele gives the brides practical advice on choosing the right wedding dress for their body shape, selecting the right shoes and walking in them, as well as posing for a photographer. Among other useful skills, she gives brides professional make-up advice, and of course, teaches them the art of walking down the aisle with style.

Michele has made a real difference to hundreds of weddings, and countless happy couples' days were made so much more special with her advice and psychological techniques.

Now a recognised figure in the wedding industry who shows a bride how to shine, Michele is an expert in turning a potentially stressful day into one that will be remembered "happily ever after".

The Bridal Coach DVDs are available from www.thebridalcoachdvd.com

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