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Sleep glorious sleep – Babyexpo gets into bed with celebrated baby-sleep expert Jo Tantum and Philip Owen, the inventor of the SleepCurve® mattress range as developed in partnership with TOMY to bring not-to-be-missed advice to visiting parents and parents-to-be on how to get a good night's sleep!

The arrival of a new baby can bring many things but sleep deprivation can be one of the most difficult to handle. In a recent straw poll carried out by the BabyExpo team, mums reported sleep or the lack of it as one of the most challenging aspects of being a new parent,  impacting on hugely on energy levels, confidence in parenting ability, sociability and not to mention marital harmony.

One mum reported 'I was so shattered I couldn't face going out and meeting new people so became more isolated – and if we were out and she fell asleep in the buggy I would be gutted and almost resentful that I wasn't then able to get my head down too'

As for deciding between sleep or sex – for most mums this was a no brainer (!)

So the organisers of next month's BabyExpo are delighted to be bringing not one but two renowned sleep experts to the show. This is a very controversial issue as last year's 'Great sleep debate' at BabyExpo proved – with the most polarised views advocating lengthy co-sleeping and feeding-on-demand versus very controlling, strictly regimented routines where babies are forced to conform. It can be a very confusing, challenging time!

Therefore Jo Tantum makes a very welcome return to the show this year. Jo is a leading Baby Sleep Specialist and Twins Expert, the bestselling author of 'Baby Secrets', a regular columnist in Prima Baby and has appeared on national TV to include Daybreak and Live with Gabby. She is also a sought-after speaker at major babyshow events around the country. Jo's years of experience have lead to the development of tried and tested methods including the 'spaced soothing' technique and the introduction of gentle but structured routines, based on the premise that actually babies do like and want to sleep!

Jo says 'I am so excited to be joining you at Brighton this year. I will be talking all about BEDTIME – how to get your baby sleeping well and into a great bedtime routine'.  Jo will be presenting from the main stage on both the morning and afternoon, revealing her top tips for a peaceful night and giving away prizes of her fabulous 'Go Anywhere' black out blind and 'Sleepytime' product range.

The organisers of BabyExpo are absolutely delighted that joining Jo will be Philip Owen D.O., B.Sc.(Hons) – internationally-renowned paediatric cranial osteopath and the founder of The Old Hall Clinic – a multi-disciplinary clinic specialising in osteopathy, cranial osteopathy and paediatric osteopathy. He is also the inventor of the SleepCurve® concept.

Philip has spent over 20 years studying and treating tension in babies' skull bones, and his pioneering research has significantly advanced our understanding of babies' and children's sleep problems.

Philip and Tomy have combined their expertise and together developed a new mattress range that will not only help to prevent or remedy flat head syndrome, but is ergonomically designed with babies in mind, thereby promoting the most comfortable sleep.

Philip says: 'The SleepCurve mattress has been designed with babies in mind, to provide the most comfort and support, just as any parent does when holding their baby in the crook of their arm.  In this way, the challenge of providing total baby comfort has been glaringly obvious for centuries but only now has the answer come in the form of the SleepCurve mattress. With its unique moulded curve, the SleepCurve mattress supports babies like no other.'

Both experts will be available for one-to-one advice, support and information at the Babyexpo babyshow either at Speaker's Corner by the stage or on the TOMY stand – 193.

  • For more information on Jo Tantum visit

  • TOMY and SleepCurve are sponsoring the BabyExpo main stage. For more information on SleepCurve and TOMY visit their stand number 193 on the day or see the website /click here for more information on Philip, this revolutionary new product and all that TOMY have to offer new and expectant parents.

  • BabyExpo is the Premium Parenting Event and BabyShow for the South and will take place at the new Amex Community Stadium in Brighton on November 13 from 10-4 – for more on the show visit

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