Braun Face Review

Reviewed by  G Harvey

Braun’s 1st facial epilator comes in a well presented box and well protected as all Braun products do. It provides precise epilation and pore deep cleansing.

In the box there was a Beauty Pouch, Lighted Mirror, Easy to use epilator, Facial cleansing brush and also AA battery.

The facial cleanser and epilator comes neatly placed in a small pouch with a great lighted magnified  mirror this keeps the product well protected and maintained It is compact enough to pack away for travelling.

The epilator is great for tidying up my brows and removing of any other unwanted facial hair. The hair removal procedure is made very easy and simple from the brilliant design but is not for the faint hearted as it is little worse than conventional plucking, but in saying that after the a few times it does become easier as you are not removing the hair as often.

The Braun Face cleansing brush head is easy to attach to the unit with an easy twist on and off fitting, so is it  very quick at changing from one to the other.BraunFace2

The cleansing brush is a delight to use, soft gentle cleaning of the facial area and brilliant for removal of makeup or just a daily freshens it up. I use this brush on a daily basis and my skin is noticeably better and gives a very deep clean much better than your average wash 10/10 for this part of the kit. The cleansing brush is shower friendly so can very easy become part of your everyday shower routine.

Overall Braun have succeeded in developing a brilliant quality product. To be honest I do not think I would ever go back to conventional plucking and facial wash again. This product is great with a reasonable price and on the plus side you can buy extra brush heads for it to keep a well maintained facial care.

The only very slight drawback is the initial bit of discomfort from the epilator itself especially around the upper lip area but as I said earlier after a few uses it does get easier.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £69.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 half Star

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