Blade & Rose Blue Bobble Hat Review

BlueBobbleHatBlue Bobble Hat

Reviewed by Jill Coulson

We’re Blade & Rose fans in this house as our toddler Elsa has had various pairs of their fabulously funky leggings throughout her 2 years. I was delighted when we were chosen to review the Blade & Rose Bobble Hat. There were several designs and colours to choose from in the hat section of their website and with Elsa not being a very girly girl (well not yet at least), we opted for the blue bobble hat.

I really like the design of the hat – it incorporates blues and green with a really large green bobble on top. Elsa immediately liked it too and I’m super happy to say it’s the only hat we have that once it’s on, it remains on until we are back indoors – great news in these freezing temperatures. There is a nice blue-weaved pattern section and then a green part at the bottom with a blue zigzag.

We have worn it a few places in the last few days and had several compliments, with another Mum asking where I got it. One thing I would say is the Blade & Rose label that is on the outside doesn’t really add to the hat for me and I may snip it off. Our elderly next door neighbour said “nice hat but you’ve left the label on” – she doesn’t really get the designer name-showing thing and it’s not really for us.


The hat is made from acrylic wool and has a thoughtful fleece inner lining where hat meets head (perhaps why Elsa is happy with it on). It’s a good thickness and fits snuggly over Elsa’s 2-year-old ears, so I am happy it’s keeping her nice and toasty. The bobble feels super soft and I can see we are going to get lots of wear out of it. The hat is handwash only, which is a minor downside for a lazy launderer like myself, but as Elsa likes it as much as she does I am sure I will be washing it when required.

Generally we are all really pleased with the hat and at £13 it’s an ok price.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £13

Available to buy from Blade & Rose here.

4 half Star

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