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Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution Deep Cleaner Review

Reviewed by Tricia Shaw

Whoever thought it was a good idea to get a cream carpet for the stairs and landing when we have a cat and 2 children was sadly mistaken. I was very much looking forward to restoring the carpet to its former glory with the Bissell carpet cleaner.

My Bissell carpet cleaner arrived with 3 bottles of cleaning fluid and a mesh bag containing an instruction booklet, measuring cup, hose and 2 attachments and a nozzle clean out tool. First task was to use the quick start guide to put the different parts of the cleaner together. It was very simple to do although I had a little trouble tightening the screw in the handle. The machine is sturdy and although it claims to be lighter than other models on the market I needed both hands to carry it upstairs. (weighs around 8kg) Nevertheless it is reasonably light to move back and forth. I read the instruction booklet and decided I needed to wait until I had the house to myself to use it.

So, with the kids dropped at school and the furniture cleared out of the way I set about cleaning the carpets and rugs. First of all I vacuumed thoroughly as suggested in the instruction booklet. Then continuing to follow the booklet I set about filling the clean water tank. Bissell has a variety of solutions available in two types of bottles. Filling the tank was a simple task but you have to make sure you are following the right page of instructions depending on the formula you are using. The water fill lines are clearly marked and the tank is easy to fill straight from the hot tap. A slight flaw here was the measuring cup only has one line marked at 2.5oz, but the instructions say to add 74ml for deep clean mode and 37ml for express clean mode. Having Googled the conversion for ml to Fluid oz and deciding to use the deep clean setting I filled the cup to the 2.5oz line.

Having filled it up and added the formula I replaced the tank easily in the machine and I set about cleaning the rug in my daughter’s room. Having to remember to do 2 passes with the trigger held in and then 2 without took a bit of getting used to, the cleaner is quite large and I found it tricky to manoeuvre in the smaller areas. I think next time I will start off doing the edges with the hose and small brush around the edges and then do the middle with the main cleaner. I was very pleased with the result on the rug and then moved on to clean the landing carpet. I was very surprised how much fluff was cleaned out of the carpet unfortunately a few large clumps of wet fluff were left behind,  although these were easily vacuumed up later in the day once the carpet had dried. After a while I was beginning to wonder why the cleaner didn’t seem to be doing much when I realised that the clean tank was empty and the dirty tank was above the full line. It was quick and easy to empty the dirty tank and refill the clean tank and I was soon working on cleaning the stairs. Using the hose and attachments was easy enough and the trigger was very easy to press however I found the cleaning solution dripped down the hose over my hand. I used 2 tanks of water to deepclean my daughter’s rug, the landing carpet and the staircase followed by half a tank on the express clean on the lounge rug. All in all it took me about 2.5 hours in total cleaning time.


After use cleaning the hose and attachments was easy but cleaning the main cleaner took quite a while. You need to clean it on a carpet – which I didn’t like as I had just cleaned the carpet! (I will be using an old rug in future for this).

I left the carpets to dry and went shopping. On my return about 4 hours later the stairs carpet was still damp but the rug which had been cleaned on the express mode was perfectly dry. It took until late evening for the stairs carpet to be fully dry.

I am very pleased with the overall result as the carpets looked much cleaner and brighter and the numerous tea stains came out easily. I didn’t use the stain pretreat but I am tempted to try it next time to see if anything can get the Blu-Tack out!

The carpet cleaner can also be used to clean upholstery so cleaning the sofas is definitely on my to do list.

The cleaner features Heatwave Technology which “redirects heat generated by the motor, keeping the water consistently warm to optimize cleaning”.


In summary:

Positives – It is very quick and easy to set up. The hand tools let you get into small areas. Long cable length of 7 metres. The carpets were left looking great and feeling soft again,

Negatives – The machine leaked a little. It is quite large and finding somewhere to store it has proved a challenge. Cleaning it out after use takes a while and needs a carpet.

Things to watch out for:

  • Don’t allow the dirty water tank to get too full;
  • Keep an eye on the amount of solution left in the clean water tank;
  • Wear old clothes especially if using the hose;
  • Consider using gloves if using the hose, especially if you have sensitive skin;
  • Make sure you don’t knock the cleaning mode selector out of place.

On the official Bissell website cleaning solutions range in price from about £7 for 1L to £20 for 1.5L solution containing scotch guard protection. You can also buy the solutions from places like Dunelm and Argos.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £249.99

For more information or to buy visit Bissell here.

4 Star

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