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Bio-D Cleaning Products Review

Reviewed by Louise Edwards

Many of the household products we use to clean our homes contain potentially dangerous substances that are really bad for the natural world. If you are concerned about your green footprint – and really we all should be – then you will be pleased to hear about Bio-D who make some awesome cleaning products that don’t have damaging consequences.

Bio-D products are only made with plant-based ingredients, so they are also vegan and ethically sourced. They do not test on animals and as their products are natural, they are also good if you are prone to allergy suffering. The plastic bottles are also made from recycled recyclable plastic – hurray! 

The products themselves smell amazing! The scent isn’t overpowering or chemically with hints of citrus and leaves everything smelling fresh and clean. The pink grapefruit washing up liquid produces plenty of lather from just a tiny squirt and has your dishes squeaky clean. It has a subtle scent and is also gentle on your hands. The bathroom cleaner spray, all purpose sanitiser spray and glass and mirror cleaner all do the job at least as good (if not better) as conventional cleaning products leaving no water marks and surfaces sparkling. There is also a lemongrass scented toilet cleaner (which was found to remove twice as much limescale as the leading eco brand in an independent study in 2015) and floor cleaner with linseed soap – with nourishing properties perfect for laminate flooring. Now your house can be as clean as your conscience!

As way as home cleaning supplies, Bio-D also sell laundry and dishwasher products – I am sure these will  be just as good quality as the cleaning products and I am definitely converted to trying them out. 

My favourite product has to be the lime and aloe vera sanitising hand wash. It leaves your hands smelling divine!

Bio-D products are for sale at many health food shops and independent retailers as well as online. I love how you can get refills of the products as well so save money and reuse the plastic bottles! I have often found that products that have such a good ecological can be quite a bit pricer than regular so was pleasantly surprised to see that Bio-D products are really reasonably priced and you can buy in bulk to save money. I love the values of this brand and with competitive prices and great quality products would strongly recommend you try them out yourself. 

Rating: 5/5

For more information, to buy online or to find stockists visit biodegradable.biz.

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