Beurer FW-SE Cosy Electric Foot Warmer Review

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Reviewed by David Savage

Autumn is definitely settling in, it will be winter before we know it, and the evenings are getting colder and colder. While putting on the heating can chase away the winter chills and warm up the house and people within it, some people require a little extra help. My mum suffers with Raynaud’s, causing her hands and feet to get very cold and the skin to look purple and blotchy. Apparently, this is more common in women than men and for the most part is just annoying and frustrating, but is sometimes painful. For a majority of people can be treated with simple measures such as hot baths, keeping warm etc.  – my mum has been advised to keep warm and take lots of hot baths. Her feet seem to suffer more than her hands so she was delighted to receive a Beurer Electric Foot Warmer from the health and wellbeing company StressNoMore.

The Beurer Electric Foot Warmer is ideal for people who need or want to keep their feet nice and toasty, heating them gently, without heating them too quickly or the point of being uncomfortable.

Key Features:

  • Automatic foot warmer with turbo heat & illuminated controls
  • Stylish special edition design that is breathable and washable too
  • 3 temperatures & overheat protected
  • Perfect for poor circulation, nerve problems and cold feet
  • Easy to use controls keeps feet comfortable and warm

As mentioned earlier, my mum has Raynaud’s so couldn’t wait to try the foot warmer out. The foot warmer is ready to use straight out of the box. It measures approx. 32x26x26cm and has a long power cord (approx. 3 metres) so she can quite happily sit in her favourite chair with the foot warmer plugged in without having to move anything around or the cable being stretched and causing a hazard.

When switched on, it has a 10-minute rapid heat (turbo mode) to bring the foot warmer up to temperature. The controller is very easy to use with 3 different heat settings (big numbers and is even illuminated for use in the dark). There is more that enough space inside for her feet (I have tried it as well and still plenty of room – although I am only a shoe size of 7 to 8 so don’t know how well a size 13 would fit). It heats up really well and evenly, and whilst doesn’t get as hot as a hot water bottle (this is a good thing – apparently she shouldn’t use one for her feet – there is some excellent information on the StressNoMore website regarding this), it does keep her feet at a nice temperature and reduces the effects of the Raynaud’s.

As a safety feature, the foot warmer will switch off after 90 minutes use (handy if you fall asleep using it). She also likes that the inner teddy lining is removable and can be washed (the outer lining can only be wiped with a damp cloth).

She finds it really comfortable and soft, the only downside of being so comfy is she has to remember that it is on her feet before getting up out of her chair. As it is something you put both feet at once into, you can’t walk wearing it so has to be removed first!

It is also a great size; it is big enough to cover both feet and comes up above the ankles but folds in half when not in use so easily folds away under her chair.

Overall, my mum loves this foot warmer, it is making a real difference for her and she isn’t in as much pain and I have noticed that the skin on her feet and legs is less mottled. It is easy to use and doesn’t cost a fortune to run.

Whilst at first she thought that the highest temperature setting could have been a bit hotter, after using for a few days she has decided that it is actually probably the correct temperature as any hotter would start to get uncomfortable.

As women suffer more than men with the cold this would make an excellent gift this Christmas for the women in your life. My mum absolutely loves it (I have also tried it and it is definitely very pleasant, comfortable and nice to use).

Whether you just want to keep your feet warm this winter or have a medical need to keep your extremities warm, then my mum and I can both recommend the Beurer foot warmers from StressNoMore.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £33.99

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