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Reviewed by Nia Lock

When I heard about Bentley Organic Nipple Balm I was very keen to try it. As the mother of a toddler who still breastfeeds, as much as a newborn some days, and is still busily getting to grips with her ever increasing teeth, I have a lot of room in my life for nipple balm. Bentley Organic Nipple Balm is a soil association approved organic product which is made in England with 75& organic ingredients. The packaging is visually appealing, a tiny square box which contains a round plastic screw top tub of the balm. When I opened the tub I was expecting a scent and was quite pleasantly surprised to find that there wasn’t one. As I’m breastfeeding I don’t really want to have scented nipples and I don’t want my baby to have a strange taste in her mouth, or a strange smell that may disrupt feed time for her. Bentley Organic Nipple Balm caused no problems at all.

The balm is based on olive oil with Shea butter. It has lovely things in it like coconut oil and calendula. The ingredients are detailed in full on the box but there was nothing that worried me at all in the ingredients.

The balm melts as soon as your finger touches it and feels very slippery but once applied it’s absorbed surprisingly quickly. It didn’t leave greasy marks on my clothes and I didn’t need to wipe it off before feeding the baby, which is good because such things are hard to remember. The packaging states that the balm is safe for feeding and that it should be used before and after breastfeeding.

I also tried using it as a lip balm, it worked very well so I shall continue to use it for this purpose as well as using it as a nipple balm. There’s 17g in the pot but a little goes a long way. The box is stamped with a date of manufacture and also an expiry date which is 4 years from manufacture. This is also stamped on the bottom of the tub, which is very useful.

Overall I enjoyed using the balm, it feels comfortable on your skin and is mild and gentle, I would’ve preferred not to poke my fingers into the pot in order to use it, although I did wash them beforehand. It’s been a pleasure to try Bentley Organic Nipple Balm.

Rating: 4/5

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4 Star

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