Bee Good Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser Review

Reviewed by Jenny Bray

This cleanser arrived in what looked like a plain cardboard box on the outside but revealed a pretty hive and bee print inside the box upon opening. The cleanser is in a tube within a smaller box inside and is encased with tissue paper. Inside the box is both the cleanser tube and a pure muslin cloth. The way it arrived made the product feel like a luxury product from the offset.

The cleanser is made in the UK with ethically sourced bee based ingredients and other natural ingredients from within the UK. I love that this means that the product hasn’t clocked up lots of air miles so is better for the environment than most similar products. It is paraben, SLS and SLES, synthetic colour, mineral oil and silicone free so is free from all the main nasties in many of today’s products. I try to look for products that, as a minimum, are SLS and paraben free for my family so this item was ideal and there aren’t many women’s products that fit the bill. I must admit that I had to look up what propolis is. It’s a resinous substance that forms part of the beehive for those of you who also don’t know.

The product says it is suitable for all skin types. My skin is a touch greasy and I often get the odd spot pop up here and there. With my skin type I’ve found that harsh products designed for oily skin types or spotty types often make my skin worse as they strip my skin and make it produce more oil to compensate. This product is not a harsh chemical product so I was excited to see how my skin took to it. It is designed to be rubbed on to the skin with your fingers and then rinsed off with a wet muslin cloth, which is provided. At first I was a little sceptical as I usually use two different products. However, this product was really nice to use and works just as well. Upon use it smelt lovely, almost nice enough to want to eat it! It felt nice and light on my skin and not at all greasy. You only need to use a small amount, which rubbed in easily and washed off effortlessly. It left my skin feeling clean and fresh.

It costs £11.50 for a 100ml tube so isn’t a cheap option. However, if you consider you’re replacing two other products with it, and also the ethical side and that you are supporting UK ingredients and a UK brand, I feel the price is worth it. They also give some of their profits back to British bee keeping causes.

This is definitely a product that I like both in terms of use and their ethics. I hadn’t heard of them before this review but have now looked up their other products to try.

I really can’t think of any negatives about this product, except that I’d like a bigger tube of it please.

I therefore rate this cleanser 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £11.50

Available to buy from Bee Good here.


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