Barefoot SOS Face & Body Rescue Cream Review

Reviewed by Tara Davies

I’ve always had a problem with dry and sensitive skin so was keen to give Barefoot SOS Dry + Sensitive Body & Rescue Cream a try. I sampled a 100ml tube which retails at £18 or the 50ml tube is £10.50.

The websites states to use SOS Face & Body Rescue Cream to:

Highly moisturise and soothe all kinds of dry, sensitive, uncomfortable and problem skin
Support withdrawal of steroid creams.
Help and control patches of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.
Provide extra moisture for elbows and knees.
Soothe and hydrate wind-chapped or sun-damaged skin.
Deal quickly and effectively with allergic flare-ups.

I absolutely love it, it is extremely luxurious and just a small amount goes a long way, so a 100ml tube should last a long time! Within a week of using the product I noticed an immediate difference in my skin. My skin felt much smoother and less irritable, I currently have no dry patches at all, which is pretty amazing! The cream smells divine too, I find it smells quite citrusy but not overpowering.

Another bonus for me was the fact that the product is 98% natural, which, in my opinion is extremely important for irritable, eczema prone skin. Ingredients include Chickweed, Burdock, Macadamia, Evening Primrose Oil and essential oils Neroli and Chamomile, which are particularly relaxing!

I would certainly recommend this product and think it is excellent value for money, a massive 5/5 from me!

Suitable for all ages, even babies.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £10.50 (50ml) / £18 (100ml)

Available to buy from Barefoot SOS here.


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