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Reviewed by Sandip

I was lucky enough to be offered the The Balmonds All-Natural Starter Set to try and review. Balmonds isn’t a brand that I had heard of so after a quick google search I knew this was a set that I would love to try. The company was set up by a woman called Natalie Balmond who struggled to find a natural way to effectively control her daughter’s sensitive, allergy prone skin. She then started to produce her own lotions and potions and found formulas that worked and are now available to purchase. I, myself, have 2 young children who were eczema babies and to a certain extent still have some persistent patches. The All-Natural Starter Set consists of 4 products; Skin Salvation 30ml, Daily Moisturising Cream 100ml, Bath & Body Oil 200ml and Natural Shampoo & Body Wash 200ml.

According to the website “all products in this set are totally free from parabens, petrochemicals or perfumes, which makes them perfect for dry or sensitive skin. They’re also suitable for people who may be prone to dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and dry, sore, itchy skin conditions”

The skin salvation is a 100% natural, hemp and beeswax balm product which was Natalie Balmond’s first and original product. The tub itself is a handy little pot that you can pop in your bag, keep in your car glove box or nappy bag without it taking up top much weight and space. On using it, I fell in love with the consistency. It’s a silky smooth balm that melts in your fingers or palm. Over the past 7 days that I have had it, I have used it for many different uses. My kids are primary ages and so are always coming home from school with bumps ands scraps and we have been using the balm as a healing balm which has worked really well. It takes the edge of needing to scratch that new well….scratch. Due to the warmer weather, my son has had small patches of eczema form in the creases of his arm and behind his knees, the skin salvation ointment has really helped with soothing these patches, I was so impressed! I’ve tried it as a hand cream too to moisturiser my overally washed hands (we’ve all got these at the moment!) and I was worried it would be too greasy but it absorbed in and didn’t leave any greasy residue. I really do like this skin salvation ointment and a little goes a long way.

The next item is the Bath and Body Oil. The website says this is 100% natural, unfragranced and blended from skin-kind plant-based oils that will protect and hydrate as they nourish. The bottle states that you can add this to your bath or directly to your skin. I haven’t used this in the bath yet but I have used it on my skin as soon as I’ve showered. The oil absorbed really well and, like the salvation ointment, did not leave my skin in a greasy oily mess, but it was left soft and moisturised. The smell is very herby and natural but not overpowering and subtle.

The Daily Moisturising Cream has been used daily on both of my kids faces since we got the set. My daughter was worried about the smell as a lot of the eczema emollients we normally use on her face, she hates but she was fine with this one. At the moment, she has a lot of dry skin on the top of her cheeks and under her eyes. This cream hasn’t 100% got rid of her dryness but it has definitely helped with the flakiness and angriness of her skin for which I am very pleased. My son has eczema patches on his body but not on his face but I have been using this on his face and it soaks in his skin and leaves it very smooth like a babies skin. I hope that they sell this bottle in a larger size as it is a lovely rich cream.

Last on my list is the Natural Shampoo & Body Wash. This was my son’s favourite out of the complete set. I think this is because he is so used to having boring sensitive washes, or washes aimed at babies so to have a ‘grown up’ green bottle wash a nice change for him. It’s also great that it can be used on the hair and body. That makes it great for travelling too. Unfortunately, the pump lid broke on my bottle, but I was able to take an empty pump from one of the empty baby washes and it worked fine. He has used it on his hair twice, and his body 3 times. He actively asks to use this so I think it’s a hit. The wash is a mild, unperfumed, soap and SLS-free, all-purpose cleanser for hair and body. Again, like the bath and body oil, the scent is a herby, plant based, natural smelling product.

I have to say, I really like this Balmonds All-Natural Starter Set. For me, my stand out favourites for my family are the Skin Salvation Ointment and the Daily Moisturising Cream. For my son, it was the Natural Shampoo & Body Wash. I will definitely be repurchasing the Skin Salvation Ointment in the future purely for it’s butter soft texture and it’s multipurpose use. And from one mother of eczema children to another, Natalie Balmond, I would like to thank you.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £39 for the set.

This product can be purchased from the Balmonds website here.

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