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Bakedin Valentines Day Cake Review


Reviewed by Laura S

With Valentines Day fast approaching, why not show how much you love your loved one with a homemade cake?!

The Bakedin Valentines Cake includes all of the dry ingredients including instruction card and presentation board. You need to add in the wet ingredients like milk, butter and eggs.

We love baking as a family but sometimes find it time consuming with measuring all of the ingredients out, making we have the different ingredients and making sure my two children both get equal roles in the making process. I love the idea of having all of the dry ingredients delivered ready to go.

This cake was perfect for us as it had four tiers which meant that they could produce two tiers each.

The extra ingredients needed to add to the cake were: 3 eggs, milk and 500g butter. These ingredients cost approximately £5.

Each of the ingredient bags was clearly labelled with the instructions straightforward to follow throughout the process.
My seven year old was able to follow the instructions without issue.

I found that the cakes needed 5mins less cooking time than the recommended.

At first, I was a little disappointed that the cakes didn’t rise as much as I expected, but the red colour looked great.
The sponge was light and flavoursome with a vanilla flavour.

Making the buttercream and decorating the cake was the most challenging part. For some reason, my buttercream seemed very thick and was drying up quickly. I found it hard applying the cream and getting the smooth finish I wished for. The buttercream was becoming dry and cracking.
It didn’t help that I didn’t have a pallet knife or turning plate like in the YouTube videos I had watched on how to apply buttercream successfully.

I had to slightly wet the top of the cake in order for heart decorations to stick down and not fall off.

The cake didn’t look as aesthetically pleasing as I hope for but my child and husband liked it, which is the main thing.
Once the cake was cut and you could see the four layers, it looked good.

The cake serves 12 and easily had 12 good size portions. As it is four tiers, you don’t need a big chunk.

I enjoyed making the cake with my children and they really enjoyed making it for their Daddy. Whilst we did enjoy the cake, I’m not sure I would make another in place of a shop-bought cake for a celebration.
With the cost of adding the wet ingredients and foil trays, the cake was the same price as a shop bought cake but didn’t have the perfected finish that I like.

Baked in have many different products that can be delivered to you to make, such as: bread, mug cakes, a baking club and a range of four tier cakes that allow you pick the sponge colours, decorations and buttercream flavour. There is something to suit everyone.

Overall I rate the cake 4/5.

The cake can be bought for £9.99.

Four foil trays with grease proof paper cost an additional £2.50

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.99

This product can be purchased from BakedIn here.

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