BabyBjörn Easy Go Travel Cot Review

Travelling with babies and young children is never easy – the sheet quantity and volume of paraphernalia that you have to carry around with you is quite astonishing. And heavy! We recently went to stay in a holiday cottage with family for a few days and trying to pack everything that we would need into the boot of a Ford Focus was a challenge to say the least! My daughter is 9 months old, so we needed to take the buggy, highchair, a stairgate and travel cot with us, along with the standard fare of clothes, nappies, wipes, bottles and a sterilizer. We do have travel versions of lots of these things to save space – a clip-on highchair, the lightweight buggy and a small sterilizer all save space and weight compared to the full-sized, and this time we were lucky enough to be taking the BabyBjörn Easy Go Travel Cot with us.

Our previous travel cot was on its last legs, having seen us through the previous two children. Because it’s around eight years old, it was pretty heavy and clunky – even in just a few years, baby products have come on massively and I will admit have having had product envy on more than one occasion recently! The old travel cot was the mental and plastic framed type – it was a nightmare to put up and my daughter even manage to unclick it on a couple of occasions and collapse it! It also was designed with the mattress wrapped around the outside as a cover, so I was never fully happy with it from a hygiene perspective either.

The Easy Go by BabyBjörn is a different beast entirely! For a start, it loses the ‘square tube of Smarties’ design that I was used to, and is instead filly contained in a really attractive Anthracite coloured grey carry bag. The bag is secured by a double zip and also features two large and sturdy carry handles. The Easy Go is suitable from birth up to around three years old.

Upon unzipping the case, I was confronted with a lovely, thick and soft mattress which was wrapped around the frame of the travel cot. I lifted both out, removed the instructions from within their pocket pouch which is stitched into the bag, and set the bag aside. Putting the cot up is then literally one fluid movement – you hold onto the shorter sides, making sure that the legs are pointing downwards, and ‘flick’ it out. This then throws the legs downwards, locks the edges of the cot onto place and you pretty much have your assembled cot. You then just need to check that all four legs are sturdily locked into place and pop the mattress in. the mattress is a hard-backed on with a good amount of padding, and it provides part of the strength of the frame of the cot. Once you have put it in place, there is a red tag on each corner, you feed these through little holes in each corner of the cot and attach to a matching red clip on the leg. Your cot is then ready to use.

I was super impressed by how easy it is to put up – it is a very light cot, and because of this, even someone who is small or not awfully strong could manage this one. In spite of its lightness though, it really does feel incredibly strong and sturdy – there is no wobbling or creaking of the frame at all, and it feels very sturdily put up. I particularly liked just how much mesh there was in the design, and the fact that the four legs are outside of the cot itself – my old cot was more of a rigid framed one and I always thought felt very hard and overly firm around the edges; this one doesn’t. The amount of mesh that makes up the cot itself meant that my daughter stayed really well ventilated and cool, she didn’t overheat at all. This isn’t so much of a thing holidaying in the UK, but travel cots are also designed for taking abroad, so when we do go away to Greece later in the year, I have every confidence that she will stay much cooler in this one than in our old one.

We also thought the mattress was particularly comfortable for a travel cot – all of my kids have struggled to get to sleep in them in the past, and we have even resorted to buying expensive secondary mattresses for them. There’s no need with this one as the supplied mattress is perfectly soft and comfortable for her to use, even for a longer period of time. The cot can even be removed from the frame and machine washed, which is something I have never seen on a travel cot before, we have always just had to sponge the previous ones clean. the mattress cover can also be removed and washed, which again is fantastic and far more hygienic than just wiping clean!

Folding the cot back up is just as simple as the initial set up, and only takes a couple of minutes. It folded back into its bag just as neatly as it had come out which is always good as very often, things don’t! I am really pleased with the Easy Go, it was very easy to carry, set up and fold up, as well as being incredibly comfortable for my daughter and a very sturdy cot too. Being able to machine wash all of the material parts is a huge bonus and I love how well the design allows the air to circulate around the cot keeping baby cool and comfortable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to friends, and despite the fact that it is more expensive than some of its competitors, I think its great value for money and well worth the cost.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £219.99

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