Baby Moo’s Snowman Cute Baby Sleepsuit Review

BabyMoosSnowmanSleepsuitSnowman Cute Baby Sleepsuit

Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

I received the Baby Moo’s Snowman Sleepsuit packaged in a lovely organza bag and instantly made cooing noises over the cute snowman design on the front. Now I fully understand the ‘cute baby’ part of the title. On first glance the material was lovely and soft and the snowman face was bright and crisp yet simple and eye catching. I’d ordered it in 6-12 months which I thought was quite a broad size range; my little girl is 8 months and the sleepsuit fitted her well, but with some extra length in the arms and a wide neck, hopefully it will last her a couple of months yet, if not longer. I can’t help but think thought that a 6-12 month baby can vary in size quite massively and so I feel that some parents may end up having to send the sleepsuit back if their baby is on the larger side. At least a small baby would grow into it at some point, but then the worry would be that it would no longer be the right season to wear a snowman sleep suit at that point. The other sizes however are in the usual 3 month ranges; 0-3 and 3-6 therefore the sizing is probably more reliable.

Once on I was really pleased with it, it looked so comfortable and the material is so soft and feels really good quality. There is also a Baby Moo’s logo on the sleeve by the cuff which I hadn’t noticed earlier and I felt gave the sleepsuit an extra feel of quality. My baby girl did look especially cute in it and the poppers on the legs made it really easy to change a nappy when needed. She was certainly comfortable in it; crawling around the living room, trying to turn the Sky box off and other little mischiefs. Visitors to the house all commented on the cuteness of the sleepsuit and mentioned how Christmassy it looked.

That night she slept soundly in it (for an 8 month old) and still looked as cute in the morning. Taking the sleepsuit off was also very easy as the envelope neck is very generous and it doesn’t feel like you have to stretch the material to remove it.

I washed the babygrow as the washing instructions say to on the label at 40 degrees. The sleepsuit washed really well and looked as good as new afterwards. It’s obvious that the material is a good quality and that she will get lots of wear out of it. I’m looking forward to her wearing it at Christmas and love that the design is suitable for a girl or a boy. I’d have been just as happy putting it on my boy when he was this age also.

I was actually expecting the price tag to be quite high but when I checked, the sleepsuit is for sale at £12.50, which I think is a great price for a great quality item, that would last for many months and let’s face it is a little bit special being a great Christmas sleepsuit. I’d definitely recommend this item and would be happy to buy it for friends babies also. Baby Moo’s isn’t a brand I had previously heard of but I’m now off to look at the website to see what other quality clothes I can get for my baby.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £12.50

Available to buy in sizes 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 months here.


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