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Baby Annabell Walking Little Lamb Review

WalkingLittleLambWalking Little Lamb

Reviewed by Norman Totton

My three year old daughter and I were absolutely over the moon to be asked to review a Baby Annabell Walking Little Lamb. She is totally dolly mad, and loves playing mummy to her range of dolls and teddies.

After seeing the TV advert for the Walking Little Lamb, Chloe was totally adamant that it would get top billing on her Christmas list to Santa, so I’m sure you can imagine her excited squeal as she opened the package and saw its contents.

The Walking Little Lamb is really attractively packaged in a card display box, which allows you to touch and feel the lamb without needing to open any packaging. The lamb is an ideal size for little hands and the lamb’s wool feels wonderfully soft and strokeable. Given that it is a walking lamb, the legs are rigid, and underneath the fur on the body of the toy, it is of a solid plastic construction.

The lamb wears the trademark Baby Annabell sheep logo on a pretty pink bandana worn around its neck, so my daughter instantly recognised it as “Annabell’s lamb”, and she ran straight upstairs to get her My First Baby Annabell doll, who is the love of her life. It took less than two minutes for Chloe to name the lamb “Lambabell”.

There was no unnecessary packaging, and  I found it pretty easy to just snip a couple of cable ties and the lamb was quickly removed from the box, all of which could go straight into the recycling bin. I then flipped the lamb upside down and opened the little Velcro compartment to switch the lamb from demo mode to being fully switched on. In less than a minute, it was then ready for my daughter to play with.

My daughter found it really easy to get the hang of pressing the lamb’s back to start it walking. It then baas whilst wiggling its ears and walking. The lamb continues to do this until another simple press on its back switches it back off again. The lamb also comes complete with a baby’s drinking bottle to allow the child to feed her. Chloe loved holding the bottle to Lambabell’s mouth whilst she made suckling / drinking noises.

To me, it seemed this was a pretty limited toy, and that it didn’t actually do enough to hold a child’s interest for very long. How wrong could I be? Over the next few days, Lambabell was involved with pretty much a very game that my daughter played. She has been wheeled around in a toy pram with Baby Annabell, has been providing rides for various small dolls and soft toys, been the subject of medical investigations with her doctor set and has been loved, cuddled and fed on an almost constant basis.

This really is a lovely, sturdy and good quality toy. We found it a little too easy to knock the button on the back and start it baaing, but we’ve started using the easy to access control switch to turn it off unless she actively wants to play with it.

My daughter doesn’t seem to mind at all that this isn’t a squishy, soft cuddly lamb, she loves and cuddles her just the same. We have said no to the Lambabell going to bed with her, as I’m not entirely sure that her rolling onto it wouldn’t damage the legs or ears in some way but this is the only concern we’ve had with it.

We are all really delighted with the toy, it’s a good quality, substantial toy and I think the RRP of £29.99 is very reasonable. I will definitely be recommending it to parents of other little girls of a similar age.

A lovely toy.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £29.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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