Babe The Sheep Pig Review


Babe The Sheep Pig
Castle Gardens, Dorset

Well, we all know the basic story of Babe the Sheep Pig. The televised film “Babe” captured the hearts of all ages and is the sole reason why I booked tickets for myself and my 10 year old daughter to see the performance in the open air theatre near us.

My initial apprehension of whether a theatre show could keep us both entertained (considering it is a fantasy children’s show) was quite quickly pushed aside, where I found that this show would do exactly the opposite and definitely entertain both of us!

I won’t spoil the little surprises, but the atmosphere was great from the off and definitely more than I had expected. My daughter was itching for the show for the start! The performance itself was outstanding, it would have been easy for me to expect the acting to be less than perfect as this show is more so aimed at slightly younger critics, but the actors certainly did not lapse on their acting skills which showed the passion and dedication of the cast, who were on top form throughout.

The show obviously followed the same story as that shown in the film, which was great, but to be in front of it live, is even better. My daughter absolutely agrees! She was engrossed in it fully, the acting, the costumes, the morals, the light-hearted humour, even the scene that detailed the loss of dear old Ma was followed with great interest and despite it being a sad moment, it was captured so brilliantly that my daughter understood exactly what had happened and was able to grasp that sometimes the circle of life has tragic interruptions, but as we know with the story of Babe, it also has heart-warming interruptions too.

To say this show is predictable because I knew the story, is obvious, however, it is only the story that is predictable… the performance given by these highly skilled actors is in no way predictable, and the theatre show is able to capture and portray so much more than you can possibly get from a film on the television.

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed it, both of us and I would definitely recommend it. Price wise, it’s not much more costly than a standard cinema ticket which I think for a special experience like this, is excellent value.

Rating: 5/5

Babe the Sheep Pig is touring the UK, for more information on tour dates or to book tickets click here.

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