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Aqua Sphere Vista Jr Swimming Mask Review

Reviewed by Helen Wyatt

We received some Vista Jr swimming goggles to review recently, from Aqua Sphere. This was really timely as my daughter is just learning to swim, so we were able to take them for a test swim and really try them out. They are made for kids aged 6+, and feature a comfortable, leak resistant “skirt”. They are low profile to eliminate drag that you might experience with other swimming masks. These are like a cross between goggles and a diving mask, being larger than the traditional goggle but smaller than a diving mask.

Often you have to really fiddle with the buckle to adjust swimming goggles however Aqua Sphere use a quick-fit system which allows you or your child to easily adjust the goggles to fit in no time at all. This mask a small button on each side that you depress, then pull or push the strap as needed. My daughter is 10, and as there are at least 2 more inches on either side of spare strap then I think these goggles would fit a large range of youth ages. My daughter was able to easily adjust these goggles herself without any help from me.

These goggles feature an ultra-durable plexisol lens with 100 UVA and UVB protection, along with 180-degree distortion-free visibility. This meant that my daughter was able to focus on learning to dive or touch the bottom of the pool rather than fiddling with the goggles. They would be great for taking on holiday as the clear lenses would increase visibility in the ocean or pool.

The goggles also feature anti-fog lenses, which is really good. Usually you’ll have to wipe lenses to keep them clear from steam but not with these goggles. They stayed 100% clear throughout the swimming, with no need to wipe them at all. Along with the 180-degree visibility, my daughter said that these goggles were as if they weren’t there, but they were! The lenses are slightly curved which is what increases the visibility, when most goggles have flat lenses. They transmit natural light which can really help in low lighting or overcast conditions.

My daughter is sometimes quite nervous when going into the pool, particularly when she is diving, but all the features these goggles come with really ensured that she could focus on swimming instead of on the goggles. These would be excellent goggles for building water confidence for a child and have really helped in just a short time with my daughter.

The leak-resistant silicone skirt also worked a treat. In contrast to the goggles I was wearing, which I had to annoyingly empty every couple of minutes, these goggles stayed clear of leaks throughout the session. They offered a really secure fit due to the seal.

My daughter said that some goggles can really hurt her face, but these were really good as they didn’t hurt her, which I think was due to the soft leak-resistant skirt.

These goggles would be a great Easter gift, particularly if you are trying to avoid the traditional chocolate based gift as any child would get much more fun out of these.

The goggles come in various designs and are currently retailing on Amazon for around £11.99.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £11.99

For more information visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

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