Aqua Sphere Seal Kid 2 Swim Goggles Review


Reviewed by Helen Wyatt

I received a pair of Aqua Sphere Seal Kid 2 Swim Goggles to review. To be honest, I was expecting a bog standard pair of goggles but when they arrived I was very pleasantly surprised to reveal a sturdy storage case which contained a robust looking pair of bright diver’s style goggles. The box easily clipped open and didn’t require any fights with awkward plastic packaging (package rage begone)! The backing cardboard slid off the box so it could be recycled, leaving you with a simple but strong case to store your goggles in after use.

The goggles themselves are rubber, as you would expect, with large clear lenses. They are marketed as having 180 degree vision, which as far as we could tell is accurate and allows your kid to be able to see much more under the water. The lenses are very clear and clean, giving great vision underwater.

The band was nicely stretchy and easily slipped on and off the head. The goggles are comfortable on the skin and don’t leave horrible red marks like you sometimes get as the lens section is wider. The goggles are marketed as leak free and for kids 3+. They are also marketed as anti-fog which is extremely useful in hot swimming pools, meaning hopefully a reduction in needing to use your finger like a terrible windscreen wiper as you couldn’t see 2 feet in front of you. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that the lenses have 100% UVA/UVB protection, which is important for protecting your kid’s eyes from sun damage, and are scratch resistant, making them last just that little bit longer with kids throwing themselves around in water. The lenses are also slightly curved which help with the expanded field of vision.

However, our absolute favourite part was how you adjust the straps! Normally you’re fighting with a difficult buckle that you have to feed the strap through, pushing and pulling several times and possible just saying “that will do!!” when you’ve had enough, in order to adjust the goggles to fit. With these goggles you simply lift an ingenious little catch on each side and move the strap to the desired length. No more fiddling! It was genuinely so simple. There’s also a plastic part to hold the unused length of strap on each side so it doesn’t get in the way. The straps have a large range so would fit the majority of kid’s heads. They even easily fit over an adult head with space to spare.

We liked these goggles so much that we immediately bought ourselves a second pair for child 2! Without trying these goggles, I may not have agreed to the c.£12 price tag however having tested them I think this is great value and they will actually last some time due to large adjustment of the straps.

These goggles come in several colours (orange, blue, purple, pink, green, red or clear) and some come with blue lenses instead of the clear.

We would highly recommend these to others.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99

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