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Aqua Gelz Aqua Park Review


Reviewed by Lindsay Burton

Getting this item to review was super exciting as my daughter and I absolutely love these creations! Previously, I was a bit dubious about the success of this product as we had never really experimented with “gooey” gel-based toys or sets. But, this time around we were prepared and knew exactly what we were getting into and what was required! We had tried another set which took us a couple of goes to successfully create our first few animals and regardless of some negative reviews about level of difficulty, my daughter finds it perfectly easy to use and create these items independently and has done since she was 7 (when we tried the previous set). I wouldn’t expect children aged younger than 6 to use this product independently but with a little assistance from an adult or older sibling, they would be able to enjoy this as much as everyone else! Aqua Gelz contain a magical liquid that transforms into colourful, fun, squishy creations. Your first step would be to mix the special powder with water – very important – make sure you are accurate with the measurements as this can affect the success of your creations. Then squeeze the Aqua Gelz into the supplied moulds. Place the tray into the solution tank and watch as your creation transforms and pops out of the mould! Leave in the solution for a further 3-5 minutes to set. Be gently when you remove the creations from the moulds, sometimes the moulds require a little jiggle to release the creations from its mould. My daughter and I did some research the first time around and found from others that if you dipped the mould into the water solution BEFORE you added the magical gel, the creation was able to release from its mould even easier. Aqua Gelz are magical liquids that transform into colourful, super fun, squishy creations! Once set, you can play with your creation! To keep your creations soft and squishy, store them in cool fresh water.

The Aqua Park Playset includes everything you need to make over 18 Aqua Gelz creations, then play and display in the Aqua Park tank
Aqua Gelz are magical liquid that transforms into colourful, fun, squishy creations
6 different sets to collect!
Takes just seconds to set
No batteries required
Suitable for ages 5+ years
The contents of this set include 3x30ml coloured gels, 2 different characters, 2 packets of solution mix and reusable solution tank. Plenty of gel come in resealable bottles that can easily be closed to ensure this item can be used and enjoyed on different occasions. Gives you ample of solution to play with this set 4 times over. All folds away into the box. Aqua Gelz have a range of sets that vary in price and themes.

Rating: We give this product 5/5 for quality and enjoyment. It would make an ideal gift for girls and boys who enjoy crafting and playing in water and would definitely recommend it to others.

RRP and Buy Link: This set retails at £16.00 and can be purchased here.

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