anCnoc Whisky Review

Reviewed by Linda Pickford

My husband was delighted to receive two miniature bottles of anCnoc Whisky to taste. He greatly enjoys a glass of single malt on a cold winter evening.

He first tried the anCnoc Peatheart (£52, 70cl 46% vol) and found it to be very smoky and peaty as suggested in the name, almost like drinking a barbecue! There was a slight burn under the tongue before the warming of the throat as it slid down. He thought it was perhaps a little young for his taste but may well improve with age.

His preference was for the anCnoc 12 Year Old (£30.95, 70cl 40% vol) with its very smooth flavour and delicate warming of the throat. It has a lovely light amber colour and had less tingle on the tongue. He loved to swirl it around in his glass to smell its almost sweet aroma. A real pleasure to sip and enjoy.

AnCnoc is a highland whisky from Knockdhu Distillery in Aberdeenshire with its name of anCnoc arising from the Gaelic for hill. It obviously is an ideal region for whisky making with clean fresh spring waters and an abundance of local barley and peat. The distillery has an online shop but it is also available at many different establishments around the country. A lovely gift for Christmas or indeed any time of the year. The 12 year old anCnoc will be a definite suggestion to the family when looking for a present for him.

My husband rates the anCnoc 12 Year Old anCnoc 5/5 and the anCnoc Peatheart 3/5.

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