Amare Vita Skincare Products Review


Reviewed by Lisa

If you are the same as me, you can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed at the sheer amount of face products there are available to buy, and find it hard to know not only which will work best but which ones to use together! The Amare Vita skincare range immediately appealed to me in that they only sell 7 different products as they aim to combine different elements in each one, making the skincare routine easier and less time consuming.

When the products arrived in the post they were in an unbranded box, so I did not know what was inside. Upon opening, the 3 products were elegantly wrapped individually in black tissue paper, with each inside its own white box that had the details and instructions for the product printed on the outside. Inside the boxes were beautiful pink bottles with gold-tinted lids which looked very feminine and classy. There was also a blue drawstring bag included to keep the items in together. Amare Vita pride themselves on the fact that all packaging, bottles and jars are fully recyclable, and they aim to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, as well as being both vegan and organic.

The products I used were ‘All Eye Need’, ‘The One’, and ‘Oil I dream of’. My initial reaction to all of these products was very positive – ‘The One’ being my favourite of the three. It is a serum, moisturiser and primer with SPF20, all in one cream – a great combo! It is quite a thick cream so I did not need to use much at a time. It smelt amazing, and made my skin feel softer straight away. I also noticed that afterwards my foundation was easier to apply and looked better. The ‘Oil I dream of’, to be applied at the end of the day, also smelt gorgeous, moisturised my skin and helped me feel more relaxed and ready to sleep. It is an oil but absorbed in to my skin easily so it did not leave me feeling greasy, and I did not need to use much so the bottle will last a long time. It is an anti-ageing oil, as is the ‘All eye need’ eye cream. This is fragrance free and is designed to reduce puffiness around the eyes, as well as the signs of ageing. It is a nice cream which also absorbed easily, although having only used it for 6 days so far, I cannot really comment on the long-term effects of either the oil or this cream. However, I have not noticed an immediate difference. One thing that would be useful to find out is, when using these creams at the same time, which one is best to apply first.

Overall, I would definitely recommend these products. Whilst being on the pricier side, with only requiring small amounts at each application and the combination of different elements into single products rather than needing several creams, I believe it is worth the price in the long run. My skin feels amazing and I feel pampered!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: All Eye Need – £40, The One – £55, Oil I dream of – £45

These products can be purchased from here.

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