ALTEYA Organics Hydrating Flower Toner Review


Reviewed by Julie Jessup

As an older lady I have been paying particular attention to my skin. To be honest I did not really know much about skin care in my younger days.

I have been suffering with my skin since lock down it has become very dry and quite spotty. This is due to me not going out much and not having much in the way of fresh air, well that is what I think it is. I also usually have a facial every fortnight and that makes my face feel very fresh and alive. During my facials the therapist always uses some form of toner, to be honest I never use toner, I cleanse then moisturise. So I was very happy to be asked to try a toner as this would give me the opportunity to decide if I would benefit from using toner or would my face feel the same.

I received a product by ALTEYA Organics Hydrating Flower Toner, Rose and Mullein, it already sounded nice I adore the smell of roses.

I have used this every day for a week and I am certainly finding the benefit. I use my normal cleanser to make sure my face is clean of any impurities, I am not a make up wearer so I do not have to be concerned about getting that off my face. All you need to do is simply shake the bottle well and then spray onto a cotton pad and wipe it all over your face, avoiding your eyes. It feels so soft and smells wonderful. I then apply my moisturiser. I have found my skin to be much softer and not at all dry. Also no more spots, so it is quite clear I was missing a toner from my regime.

This product is an organic product, it is hydrating and helps purify skin from impurities, pollution and make up. It professes to make skin softer and luminous and I can certainly agree with this statement. It helps tone, soothe and balance skin ready for your moisturiser. It includes Rose Water, Hyaluronic Acid and active antioxidants in it’s ingredients.

I have to say I have never heard of this make before it is made in Bulgaria and not tested on animals.

I have checked out the ALTEYA Organics website and I am so surprised at how many products this company makes and how very reasonably priced they are. They are so affordable.

ALTEYA actually have their own plantation and distillery, this allows them to grow and distil pure Bulgarian Rose oil, Rose flower oils, other flower oils and essential oils, it goes through a very stringent process. The Rose bushes keep blooming so they need picking daily which is done lovingly by hand. To get the highest quality Rose oil the fields are harvested before the sunshine’s brightly as this would evaporate the oil, making it weaker. They are then taken immediately to the distillery where the process takes place. It is a very interesting process and clearly a lot of work goes in to making these wonderful products. I certainly would be very happy to try some more.

You can order from the website and also order samples at a very low cost, this is a great idea. You can also sign up for a newsletter

The cost of the Hydrating Flower Toner is £13.00 for 120ml

If you spend over £20.00 you will get free postage.

This product is certainly worth 5/5 stars it is a quality product and it does work.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £13.00 (120ml)

This product is available to buy from the Alteya UK website here.

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