Alginon and the Withergrass Bird by Thea Marshall Turner Review


Reviewed by Natasha Kolb

I loved the title of this book and was looking forward to reading it to my two children. The front cover shows a beautiful illustration of Alginon and his pet bird boasting colourful feathers. The author, Thea Marshall Turner is a retired teacher and a grandmother, this is her first book and has been inspired by Jersey where she lives.

The illustrations throughout are classic and almost bordering on old fashioned but they still appealed to my children who are 6 and 8. The interesting thing was that some pages had no illustrations at all and I wondered if that would mean that my children would lose interest.

The story is about a brother and sister, Paul and Zoe, who go for a walk with their mother and get lost in the woods. They eventually come across the mysterious and interesting Alginon who has lost his pet Withergrass Bird! The story was surprisingly long with 31 pages and took two bedtimes to read all the way through. However even my 8 year old was kept interested by this well written story, full of detail which held their attention even where there was no illustrations.

I personally found this book a little too traditional but my children enjoyed it and were looking forward to finishing it on the second night. I think it would ideally appeal to the older generation to read and is the perfect story for grandparents to read to their grandchildren, which seems to be exactly who it was written for! This book’s RRP is £8.99 which is a fair price for a nicely presented hard back book. We give this 3 out of 5.

Rating: 3/5

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