Aldi Tri-Copper Pans Review


Reviewed by Sharon Mongey

The Aldi Tri-Copper pans looked very high quality, such a shine on all of the items. I reviewed several products, the 28cm Saute Pan (RRP: £34.99), 18cm Saucepan (RRP: £29.99), 20cm Saucepan (RRP: £29.99), 24cm Stockpot (RRP: £34.99), 24cm Frying Pan (RRP: £29.99) and the 30cm Wok (RRP: £34.99), all had stainless steel lids except for the Wok and the frying pan. The pans had a measuring gauge inside them that could be very useful.

I tried to find out exactly what each of the products were made of and looked on the Aldi Website for further information.

Visually The Wok, Frying Pan and Saute Pan all  had a non stick coating, the others looked to be stainless steel, I found them out to be aluminium, I found the Aldi website to have very little information,  it stated  that the pans are Tri-Copper pans, the same description were give to some of those that were  clearly coated,  it stated  ‘feature mirror polished outers and satin polish inners,’(the Wok was said to be made of Try Copper and the frying Pan online was said to be made of Try-Ply  Copper and Aluminium, they both however looked the same to me). I found the website to have very little information and was not very clear; I was left a little confused.


I believe that you cannot put copper pans in the dishwasher so rinsed them all by hand prior to use and left them to dry naturally, this left water marks over the previously high sheen pans, so would need to be washed and dried immediately to keep the shiny exterior.

The pans felt heavy, the 20cm Saucepan weighed 1.4kg with the lid on, obviously the bigger pans and wok weighed more but had an additional handle to hold, (you do need it) if you are planning to invest then I would say make sure that you have strong wrists.

Copper pans are generally advertised to heat more evenly and give more control, having researched other copper pans I am led to believe that they heat food/liquid up faster, so would reduce cooking times. I put this to the test and timed the amount of time it took to boil water in the copper pan compared with my own pan of the same size, with the same amount of liquid in it and of course on exactly the same heat. The water in the copper pan boiled in 5 minutes 45 seconds and my existing pan took just over 7, so I would agree that they do indeed heat up products faster.

The handles and the lids did not get hot during cooking which was good. We did however find the pans quite hard to hold when dishing up as the handle was quite long and slim so a little difficult to grip. They are a little on the heavy side and perhaps a bit high maintenance if you are used to using a dishwasher. I would also say do not forget to dry them as soon as they are washed as they do stain.

Overall this is a grand looking pan set, they cook well and we found the inside of the pans do wash out with ease.

Rating: 3/5

Prices from £29.99 to £34.99.

Available to buy instore from 10 November 2016. For more information or to find your nearest Aldi store visit

3 Star

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