Aldi Sunday Roast Review


Reviewed by Jill Coulson

As a relatively new Aldi shopper I was delighted when I was selected to review a Sunday Roast from the supermarket. I was sent £30 worth of vouchers and scurried off to my local Aldi, which has only opened recently and provides a pleasant shopping experience, to buy roast ingredients.

As ever I was pleased with the pricing and opted for 28 day matured beef joint at £9.99 for 852g, much better value than at Aldi’s competitors. There was plenty of beef for my husband, the two friends who we’d invited round for Sunday roast and me. There was even enough left for my toddler to enjoy a plateful too. The quality of the meat was top notch, melting in the mouth and offering plenty of flavour.

I bought a packet of Maris Piper potatoes, which disappointingly contained numerous black bits that had to be cut out in their preparation. Having said that, they roasted really nicely, were crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, tasting beautiful too. The waste of the discarded pieces was a shame, but what was left was certainly enjoyable.


We enjoyed a beautifully creamy cauliflower cheese made using Aldi ingredients, including fresh and flavoursome cauliflower. There were also tasty trimmed green beans in addition to the main elements of the meal. I find that Aldi’s vegetables are generally very fresh and tend to last for a long amount of time before they perish, which is not something you can say about other supermarkets’ offerings.

The carrots were similarly fresh and tasty and the parsnips were firm and full of flavour too.

The only real disappointment came with the Yorkshire puddings, which were unfortunately bland. Of course it would have been possible to have made my own Yorkshires, but the time pressure of being the mother of a young daughter meant that I decided to try out the frozen variety instead.

They were conveniently ready within five minutes and were certainly crispy, but the flavour was just not quite bold enough as it is with the frozen batter Yorkshires that are available elsewhere, or with the real thing of course.

Overall, the range of roast ingredients on offer at Aldi impressed me. Our plates were piled high, with seconds available when the first serving was devoured. The consensus amongst those gathered around the table was that the food was delicious, the quantities more than adequate and the price extremely competitive.

You might not think of Aldi as the sort of place for truly premium cuts of meat but, the beef I bought was hugely enjoyable and you could easily believe that it had come from one of the prestige supermarket brands, right up until you saw the price tag!

I will certainly be shopping at Aldi again for my Sunday roast ingredients, where I can get hold of everything I need for the most important meal of the week, safe in the knowledge that it will be of high quality and won’t break the bank.

Rating: 4/5

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4 Star

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