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Aldi Kitchen and Bakeware Review

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Being a customer of Aldi for many years I was delighted to receive a selection of their bakeware and homeware items to review recently.

Aldi has become extremely popular in recent years as they sell low cost yet high quality items which in this current economic climate is ideal as many people out there struggle with low wages and increased bills. Aldi are an absolute godsend to these people (myself included).

Aldi is a real favourite to my family as we are able to do a full shop at a fraction of the cost of other supermarkets meaning we have more money for the home and our food is just as good.

The items I received were…

1x Crofton Silicone Cake Mould £3.49
1x Easy Home Chalkboard and Pen £7.99
1x Crofton 8 inch Springform Cake Tin £2.49
1x Novo Cake Box with Lifter £6.99

I was eager to see the items when they arrived and was really pleased with the overall appearance of all 4 items. They look very good quality and robust!


My first job was placing the chalkboard in the kitchen, we don’t have the biggest kitchen but I found room and placed it easily with the enclosed instructions.

It was so easy to hang as included with the board were adhesive stickers which were double sided and had Velcro in the centre meaning I could take the board off the wall any time I wished.

The design I received was a fish (butterfly, stars, bottle, oval or car designs are also available), it may not be to everyone’s taste but I really like it and have practically filled it up already with important dates and reminders for the coming weeks.


My next job was making cake pops with the silicone cake mould. They are several designs available;

• Cake Pops (various colours)
• Icing Sheet – Buttons (Green)
• Icing Sheet – Cakes (Pink)
• Plant Pots (Terracotta)
• Cups and Saucers (Blue and Yellow)
• Bucket and Spade pack (Orange, Yellow, Pink and Blue)
• Giant Cupcake Mould (Pink)

I have never attempted cake pops before so was quite relieved to see instructions enclosed (phew) and I loosely followed them but using a cake mix that I picked up in Aldi at the weekend. It was the Wrights Ginger Cake Mix.

I made the cake mix and then greased the mould before rather sloppily filling one half of the cake pop mould and then placing the other half on top and baked in the over for around 12 minutes.

I checked the cake pops by using one of the plastic pop sticks which came with the mould and left them to cool down before removing.

They weren’t perfect but for a first attempt I was pleased and they tasted lovely.


As I had quite a bit of cake mix left over I decided to try the Springform Cake Tin and was a bit sceptical as I have used Springform tins before and they have always tended to leak. Aldi have 6 different designs in 3 different colour options.

I greased and lined my tin and popped the remaining mix into and baked it for 25 minutes before testing, if was still a little wet inside so I baked it for another 10 minutes.

Once baked I removed the cake and left it to cool before attempting to remove it, to my surprise there were no leaks whatsoever which thoroughly impressed me and meant no nasty burnt cake to clean out of the oven later!

Once cooked the cake tin was simple to remove and was cake free thanks to the non-stick coating and prior greasing and lining.

Washing it after was easy, even the small grooves where cake crumbs tend to hide came up clean and spotless.


I placed the ginger cake into the cake box and found the lifter a brilliant idea as more often than not my baking creations usually end up looking a mess when attempting to take it out of a box to serve. Well not anymore!

The cake box with lifter is a genius idea as it can be used as a cake box for a large cake or it can be turned into a cupcake storer by simply turning the lifter over which creates a 2 tier box to keep your yummy cakes fresh.

I am more than impressed with these great items from Aldi and cannot wait to show them off to my baking friends and maybe show them that you don’t always need to most expensive items to created great cakes and food!

Without a shadow of a doubt I would give these 5 out 5 stars.

Rating: 5/5

Aldi kitchen and bakeware Specialbuys are in stores nationwide from 2 July 2015. For more information or to find your nearest Aldi store visit www.aldi.co.uk.


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