Adonit Pro 3 Stylus Pen Review

Reviewed by Emma Rogers

This week I’ve been looking at the new Adonit Pro 3 Stylus Pen and was sent a rose gold version to try with my iPad.

The stylus looks just like a pen at first, complete with a lid that clicks shut and magnetically fits to the other end to keep it safe. There’s a pocket hook as well if you’re the kind of person who likes to keep a pen in a top pocket or inside a laptop bag or handbag but apart from that, it looks and feels like a normal pen. The rose gold one I was sent would match any rose gold Mac products.

From the box, I used it straight away on my iPad. Turns out it works pretty well with Candy Crush Saga! The pen ‘nib’ has a disc on it which acts as the ‘finger print’ but there is a fine nib which can be used for detailed work. More on that later.

It took a little bit of getting used to, but you can use the stylus for games, typing, moving between applications and more detailed work. You have to remember to press down firmly on the pen to get the ‘click’ when you want to tap on something to make a choice. I would say it took less than a minute for me to get used to it and I was tapping away. It is slightly more difficult on an iPad, but that got me wondering if it would work on the touchpad of my iMac? I had a try… and it worked!

Using the touchpad of my iMac I could choose applications, tap between different buttons and click on social media items. The real test was when I needed to do some detailed work with some diagrams. I was very pleased with the way I was able to draw on the diagram, using my touchpad, and make more accurate lines than I would if I used my fingers. The stylus makes good contact and doesn’t seem to jump like other stylus pens I’ve used in the past.

My only criticism is that it feels too light to be a pen that is used every day, and the lid, which protects the sensitive disc/nib is easily lost as the magnet at the end isn’t strong enough.  I’ve tested it for a couple of days and it seems fine.

I’m glad I have a stylus that works now and will be using it very soon!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £29.99

Available in several colour options and is suitable for iOS, Android and Windows (and most touchscreen devices).

For more information visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

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