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ACE Cleaning Products Review


Reviewed by Freya Knudsen

I am forever finding stains on my clothes – usually of the food variety. So, when I received a bundle of 6 ACE products to review, I was delighted.

In this package I received the following products.

• ACE Ultra for Whites
• ACE for Whites
• ACE for Colours Liquid
• ACE Colours Powder
• ACE Power Mousse
• ACE Stain Remover

ACE for Whites / Ultra for Whites
Something I struggle with is keeping my white washing staying vibrant rather than a murky off-white shade. When I received the ultra for whites, I was therefore hopeful that it could revive our washing. Both whites’ products look similar although the Ultra formulation looks to be focussed on rejuvenation and an improvement on its original counterpart. This is really my only reservation and why I’ve lumped these two products together for review; I am not sure are different enough to warrant a need to purchase both as they appear to be very similar.

I used as instructed on the bottle, in the machine drum. When it came out, not only did it smell nice, but a couple of small condiment stains had been removed from one of my tops. It also did seem to improve the overall whiteness of the top.

I am not a parent myself, but I can imagine this would also work well for school uniforms as white shirts and polo shirts are notorious for turning dull and losing their brightness and with kids, you’re sure to need the stain removal element. I’m also looking forward to using this on my white converse to bring back to life.

ACE for Colours Liquid
I was originally nervous to put something in with coloured washing that mentions it contains bleach, whilst it has a lovely floral fragrance when smelt you can barely smell the bleach. To use I poured a lid-full directly into the drum and then put onto its normal washing cycle. The bottle does mention other uses on the bottle such as pre-treating stains or to handwash. However, there were other products provided I used instead for these purposes. The fact that many ACE product lines have multiple uses is great and can be used in collaboration.

ACE for Colours Powder
The powder comes in the form of a 450g box, to be used alongside your normal detergent for both whites and colours. The product removes stains and odours and the pouring spout enables easy transfer into the drawer (to be added during the start of the wash when water is running.) The result was clean laundry with that fresh smell.

ACE Stain Remover
I sprayed the stain remover directly onto my garment with a dark mark and left for 15 mins to do it’s thing. What I particularly love is you can see it working, I did not scrub and just put into the washing machine for its normal washing cycle and when removed as it says on the bottle the stain was gone.

ACE Power Mousse
This product can be used for household surfaces and white laundry and is described as bleach that removes grease, hygienizes and removes stains. Whilst it says it has a floral scent on the bottle, for me it smelt quite a bit of bleach. Id probably not use this in the kitchen but for the bathroom due to that. It did the job though and surfaces felt reassuringly clean.

What is also helpful is both on the ACE website and the YouTube channel they share tips and directions for using their products, but all are simple to use and cost effective.

As a Mrs Hinch fan and having joined multiple groups to solve my cleaning and washing woes I am always looking for products to make life easier and seeing a good result is particularly rewarding, particularly when they can be used for several purposes to save having a huge stock of products. I hadn’t tried the products sent before but my experience was great, and I would purchase again.

Rating: I would rate 5 out of 5.

For a full list of stores and more information visit www.acecleanuk.co.uk/where-to-buy-ace/

Items can be found at most supermarkets as well as other popular retail establishments including Poundland, Wilkos, The Range and Home Bargains and prices start from £1.

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