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9 Of The Best Must-Haves For Your Bedroom

Here are the top 9 must-haves for your bedroom!


There is nothing better than a wonderful fluffy rug to spread your toes over every time you get out of bed. You can find these in all different shapes, sizes and colours so get looking.

Chest of Drawers

We all need a chest of drawers to keep in our bedroom; to either put our clothes in, underwear or even any personal items that we may have. Another thing to consider buying with your drawers is some soft close drawer slides; these will keep your drawers from banging shut, allowing them to slide closed gently and quietly.


You all need a theme for your bedroom, what colour scheme do you like, what kind of style do you want? A warm cosy room or a romantic looking setting? Once that is settled, you can think about what accessories you would like to add to your bedroom.

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Candles look lovely in a bedroom, whether or not they are lit! But they do add that magical touch lit up when the sun has come down, and you are left with a glow of light in your room. Think about placement when buying candles, you don’t want to put them close to anything that can catch on fire like curtains, etc! You can also buy scented candles to give that little bit extra.


A blanket not only looks pretty at the end of your bed, but it is also a quick fix for those chilly nights. You can buy blankets in any colour so choose something that fits your room perfectly.


Flowers are a great way to brighten the room and give you that pop of colour! If you like the smell, go for the real flowers, but if you can’t really be bothered to look after them and water them every day – buy some silk flowers. They still look very realistic, but you don’t have to worry about keeping them alive.

Fairy Lights

This is a very popular idea to add that special touch to your bedroom. You can drape them over your bed, or hang them up and let them drop down, or even attach them to the ceiling. Wherever you put them, they will look magical.

Somewhere To Sit

Yes, you have a bed, but you should have the choice to sit on something else. You could get a chair, or even a beanbag or some sort of giant pillow covered in fur! There are many different things to choose from so try imagining how it will look in your room with your items and furniture. Also, think how it will fit in with the theme you have decided on.

Star Projector

These can be bought online and come in many different varieties. This is a small machine that projects light that looks like stars! Just put it on your bedside table and watch as the universe travels slowly around you.

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