3 Reasons to Leave the Family at Home When You Next Travel

We love our partners, we love our kids… But travelling with them can be an unmitigated nightmare.

The stress anxiety of lost passports, overpacked cases, upset bellies, jellyfish stings or nasty tumbles is multiplied incrementally however many people are travelling with you.

Do you ever wish you could leave the family at home on your next international sojourn so that you can experience new things, meet new people and completely immerse yourself in a different culture without having to divide your attention amongst your relatives? Do you ever yearn to see the world through the eyes of an individual without the lenses of marriage, partnership or parenthood?

Ever wish you could just do it yourself?

A solo holiday might seem like an unattainable pipe dream, but it’s actually a huge growth industry catering to singles and people who just want to get away from the pressures of work and family for a while.

Here are 3 reasons why you should at least consider leaving the family at home and setting out on your own when you next travel.

It’s all about you!

The most obvious benefit of travelling solo is that you can tailor the entire holiday to what you want. No more curtailing a visit to a famous museum because the kids are bored, no more eschewing adventurous local cuisine for a blander crowd pleaser. The entire holiday is dedicated to what you want so see, do and experience.

If you want to spend a whole afternoon in bed or sit in the hotel lobby all day sipping tea and ploughing through your holiday reading then you’re free to do so without feeling guilty or being dragged around by impatient loved ones.

You’ll experience more

Outside of the social bubble provided by the friends and family we tend to travel with, you’re likely to have a more enriching experience and immerse yourself more deeply in the culture.

You’re far more likely to make friends among both fellow travellers and locals and as such you’ll likely be privy to the inside track when it comes to exploring your destination. Locals will be able to direct you to the best bars, restaurants and sightseeing destinations and be able to furnish you with a better idea of what you should be paying. Your fellow travellers will also be able to share their experiences from a similar perspective to yours.

Free from having to divide your attention between others you’ll be able to focus more on the here and now and experience the sights sounds, smells and tastes more vividly.

You’re more likely to come back changed

Travel is a transformative learning experience that you’re likely to get more out of on your own. It might seem daunting, dealing with the myriad everyday trials and obstacles that come with travel on your own, but you’ll surprise yourself with how capably you’ll manage it.

We find out just how resourceful we are when outside of our comfort zone. In unfamiliar terrain, you’ll be using your critical, problem solving and decision making skills on a regular basis and negotiating the holiday without incident will be a huge boost to your self-belief.

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