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1000 Mile Fusion Walking Socks Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

Socks probably aren’t top of most people’s list when it comes to staple pieces in their wardrobe that it is worth ‘investing’ in. After all, no one really sees them; most of the time, we actively hide them with boots and trousers and if we are to invest in footwear, it makes far more sense to spend the more significant part of our budgets on shoes – right? Wrong!

In our house, we have been making a real effort to get out and about – we have been taking advantage of our surroundings on the edge of the Yorkshire countryside and doing some real walking, sometimes with the kids, sometimes without. It’s lovely to get out and about with the girls but sometimes it’s nice to go for a proper hike, without the kids and really stretch our legs. The thing is, my feet are an odd size. I have big but slim feet, meaning that sometimes, socks have a habit of sliding around my feet within a walking shoe and this can be very uncomfortable and even cause blisters. I very often have to stop multiple times whilst we’re out walking to straighten my socks within my boots which is annoying and less than ideal.

So, it was great timing that just in time for the summer time walking season, I was asked to try out Fusion Walking Socks by 1000 Mile. These socks feature two layers of fabric to reduce friction and help eradicate blisters – they even have a blister free guarantee – yet they are thin enough for you to be able to wear your normal walking shoes and are incredibly comfortable. I was sent these in the fuchsia which I think are gorgeous and actually nice enough not to hide – I’ve been wearing mine ‘out’ and with pride!

The socks have arch support as well as padded zones around the heel and toe, making these quite possibly the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. I would never have thought that you would be able to have a ‘comfy’ sock, and I certainly didn’t think you would be able to tell the difference whilst they were inside a walking boot, but I was very, very wrong! These merino wool socks genuinely are like walking on a cloud and are so much better than any sock I have ever worn before. They allow your foot temperature to remain just right – toasty warm in the winter but cool enough for spring – and they really do!

I don’t do enough walking these days to regularly suffer from blisters on my feet, but after the walks that I have done since receiving them, I can well imagine that they would do as they claim. They aren’t cheap socks, but I’m converted. After spending £130 on my walking boots a couple of years ago, the extra £15.99 for a pair to make sure you get the best from your boots is very reasonable, after all, these are the things that are actually in contact with your foot!

I love these socks, and they have even attracted a few envious comments from my other half – I’m only pleased that I was sent fuchsia because I reckon if they’d been one of the less bright options, he would have pinched them for himself!

Available in a variety of colours and men & women’s sizes.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £15.99

For more information or to buy online visit 1000mile.co.uk.

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