You Don’t Have to ‘Adult’ Alone

It’s time to adult, but you don’t have to do it all alone. The world of adulthood can be daunting. It can offer some of life’s great milestones — like the birth of a couple’s first child or their wedding day — but it can also offer some real low points. And it is during these low points, when everything seems get on top, when the people suffering through them feel that they are alone in their plight. But they’re not and they never are. If you feel that you are alone in facing adulthood, then rest assured that there are people, and services, out there willing and waiting to help. A few of them can be found below.

One in six adults in the UK have financial worries, which is why the plight of adulthood that is money trouble is the first one to cover. Debt, whether it be induced by everyday bills, payments on loans or cards that are looming or bank overdrafts, can have an adverse effect on those that it is affecting. As bleak a situation it may seem, however, there is always help at hand. First and foremost, if you are struggling, or ever find yourself struggling financially you should never let anything get in the way of you asking for help. Whether it be pride getting in the way or fear at how somebody would react to you asking, you should put these feelings aside and do it. When faced with this plight it is pivotal that you ask for help from your nearest and dearest; whether it be your parents, your spouse, your friends, your cousins or even your children, you should never be scared to ask. Chances are, those that you ask would rather see you happy and on your feet in regards to your financial status than down, or even depressed, about it.

But if your cashflow or debt problems run deeper than that and you need more than to just borrow a bit of money to tide you over, then you should seek professional assistance. By this, it is meant that you should seek the services of a company that eases the pains induced by finances (or lack of). One such service is debt consolidation, of which there are companies out there that are tailored specifically to deal with it. When a whole load of debt is rung up at the same time by bills and payment demands from different providers, then debt consolidation can help to fix the problem. If you feel that you are struggling to cut down on a pile of debt then seeking debt consolidation would allow you to place all the bills together, thus eradicating the problem of having multiple repayments to deal with. And even when you are in a relationship it is easy to feel as if you are alone in the plight that is financial worries, which is why debt consolidation for married couples is also on offer. Financial planning in a relationship is often a tiresome and sometimes even embarrassing thing to undertake, which is why sometimes it is forgone. First of all, it should never be overlooked, but if it has been and has gotten to a point where debts are running riot over your relationship, then seeking out a way to deal with it together is key.

When in a relationship it is vital that you communicate freely not only in regards to finances, but in all aspects of your lives together, or else it may lead to another of adulthood’s plights: the breakdown of a relationship or a marriage. However, like with financial matters, there is always help on hand from external sources who are waiting to help. For instance, there is are plethora of relationship counselling options that are readily available out there for all those couples that feel they are alone in their battle to save their relationship. And this type of service doesn’t discriminate either — Relate, for instance, offer support on all types of couples. This shows that no matter who you are or who your spouse is there is always support out there when it comes to one of adulthoods biggest challenges.

So, if you’ve grown up to realise that being an adult isn’t all it was cracked up to be, then you are probably not alone. However, this does not mean that you can hide away from the problems of adulthood. You must face them, but you need not face them alone. Whether it be a loved one that offers you a helping hand, or an external services that does so, always remember that there is help at hand.

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