Yoomi Self-Warming Bottle Review

Reviewed by Jo Tebbs

Any item that aids day to day chores or serves to support us whilst caring for our little ones is not only welcomed by me and my husband but usually gratefully received by most parents.

There are so many various products available in the Baby sector and whilst bearing this in mind, we are often drawn to the design/features of products which would best serve our own requirements.

With today’s modern technology and society’s constant desire for gadgets to help us save time or make our lives just that little bit easier (especially when it comes the demands that babies may bring to our lives), Yoomi have created the ‘self-warming bottle.’

The Yoomi branded, self-warming bottle is a fantastic little gadget that enables both breast and formula milk to be warmed to the perfect ‘natural’ breast milk temperature in only 60 seconds. Perfect for when you are out and about but not only this, it’s rechargeable too!!

I was extremely excited when the TNT driver delivered the Jiffy bag containing my little, time saving device… the self-warming bottle! Inside the Jiffy bag were 2 sturdy, cardboard (eco-friendly), brightly coloured (yellow) packages containing the full warming bottle pack, along with an extra charging unit (please see the pictures attached).

The full warming pack, contains;

1 x 8oz/240ml bottle
1 x slow flow teat
1 x warmer
1x pod

The pack itself measures 17cm x 16cm x 8cm in size.

The extra warming unit was 11 cm x 8.5cm x 8.5cm in size.

The packaging is very simple yet eye-catching. A basic but clear font is used with black text on top of the yellow background. There are multiple pictures displaying the product as well as straightforward and easy to understand diagrams which demonstrate how the product works. The only other colour on the packaging is the Union Jack flag to show it’s a British product and it states, ‘Made in England’. The contents of the pack are featured not only on the front of the packaging but also on the back too.

The back of the package gives basic instructions relating to how the product works along with the sterilising and charging instructions. However, further and more detailed instructions can be found inside the box. The Yoomi website;, is written in a couple of places on the box and symbols for Twitter and Facebook can also be found.

The packaging states that the product it is suitable from 0+ so can be used from newborn upwards.

The product won the Mother and Baby Silver award for innovation in 2010/2011. It also won the Loved By Parents (LBP) awards for the best innovative feeding and bottle feeding categories in 2012. The award symbols are shown on the packaging too. This again gives me confidence in the quality of this product.

The bottle size holds 8oz or 240ml and this is stated not only on the bottle with the measuring guidelines but noted on the packaging too. Furthermore, for health-conscious individuals, the information also states that the plastic is BPA free which, when it comes to our children’s wellbeing, this is of paramount importance.

The warmer is a small device which is charged by either putting it in boiling water for 30 minutes or by microwaving it (timing is determined by the microwave’s power). It has a separate pod that it’s needs to be housed within for when charging in the microwave. The charged unit then needs to cool down for 75 minutes before it can be used or alternatively you can cool it down more quickly by placing it in cold water. A button on the warmer indicates when the device has cooled by changing colour.

Once baby needs feeding, you simply pop the charged unit into the bottle containing your expressed breast milk or formula and click the coloured button. After 60 seconds, the milk is heated to the perfect natural temperature of 32-34 degrees ready for baby to feed away. The charger will sustain this heat for up to 60 minutes.

Each unit lasts for one charge before it will need to be sterilised and recharged to be used again. Each warmer unit can be recharged up to 300 times. Yoomi bottles are dishwasher safe too.

The great thing about this product is that it allows you to leave the house in the safe knowledge that your expressed milk or formula can be heated to the perfect temperature as and when required. This means you can be assured that the milk won’t be over heated which potentially damages the nutrition of the feed but also means you don’t need to worry about the milk being too hot, burning baby when they feed or in the reverse, baby refusing to feed because it’s too cold. This is such an easy method of heating the milk. The bottle has an easy latch teet with anti-colic vents.

I think all parents have experienced issues when out and about having to ask waiters to microwave milk or having to try and find a place where they are willing to heat it for you. Instead now, when baby gets hungry, you can literally whip this out and know baby will be satisfied within minutes.

This is a perfect gift for mum’s whom are on the go or with Father’s Day around the corner, why not give him a practical gift which means he can go out with baby and feed baby hassle free!

In fact, if you have multiple warmer units and bottles, you can go out all day without worrying about this issue.

My parents thought this was a great device when they were babysitting. I had everything all prepared ready and it meant they could easy feed their darling little grandchild without getting stressed themselves and without baby getting distressed he gets hungry.

I would rate this product 4.5 out of 5. They only addition that I personally think would be helpful is a carry case included in the pack. However, the bottles and charger unit fit neatly in my normal changing bag.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: from £17.99

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