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Wrendale Designs Garden Kneeler Review

Reviewed by Catherine Joyce

I am a keen gardener and one of the most important items in my gardening equipment is a garden kneeler. I have large garden which takes a lot of time to maintain and I find a kneeler is invaluable as  not only does it cushion your knees when you are weeding  it also keeps your knees dry when the ground is wet, which happens a lot in Lancashire!

I have had my kneeler for quite a few years and it is really starting to show its age so when I was asked to review the garden kneeler from Wrendale Designs the timing couldn’t have been better.

Wrendale Designs is a family business and was started on a crowded kitchen table in Melton Ross, Lincolnshire. Hannah Dale was living on a farm with her family and looking for an outlet for her artistic roots, inspired by the beautiful countryside around her she started painting hares and quickly added other animals to the collection. I already have a few Wrendale items so was already familiar with the brand but I wasn’t aware that they did such a wide range of gifts.

The kneeler is beautifully illustrated with two of Hannah’s beautiful designs, Chirpy Chaps is five birds perched on a branch and Daisy Chain is three cute baby rabbits, each with a daisy in their mouths. The designs are lovely and when I took it out of the box I initially thought it was far too nice to use in the garden! The kneeler is very well made and is very hard wearing, I have been using it a lot and even though it gets filthy the dirt is easily wiped off after use with a damp cloth and looks as good as new again. The foam feels quite solid but is actually very comfortable to kneel on, I made the most of the good weather at the weekend and spent two whole days gardening and found it very comfortable to use. The foam is thick enough to protect your knees from stones and uneven ground and makes gardening a lot more comfortable. I also noticed that even though I had been using it for two solid days there was no sign of indentations in the foam. The stitching is very neat and I think this kneeler will last a very long time.

The kneeler measures 43x23x5cm and I felt that it was just the right size for kneeling on; it is also large enough to sit on if you want to give your knees a rest. There is a very useful sturdy handle which can be used for carrying it around the garden and I also found it very handy for hanging it up in the garden shed.

My mum was very envious when I showed her my new kneeler; she is also a keen gardener and appeared on Gardeners World last summer. Mum spends most days pottering in her garden so I let her borrow the Wrendale Designs kneeler (on the understanding that it was only a trial and I did want it back!!) to see what she thought of the kneeler. Mum was really pleased with how comfortable the kneeler is and reluctantly returned it this evening with the suggestion that I can get her one for her birthday.

We have been really impressed with the kneeler; it is practical but also very attractive to look at and would make a lovely gift for all the gardeners in your family

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £20

For more information or to buy visit www.wrendaledesigns.co.uk.

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