Wilko Mother’s Day Bundle Review

Reviewed by Ilze Lee

I was delighted about being picked for this review for Wilko as I love their no-fuss quality merchandise. I was sent the following products:

  • Mama Knows Best Cushion
  • Floral Double Wall Water Bottle
  • Floral Bamboo Mug
  • Floral Gift Box
  • Best Mum Rosette

Mama Knows Best Cushion

I love this Mama Knows Best Cushion! It is playful and bright with a lot of lovely rainbow colours. The design is funny and funky. Within a couple of days of receiving this, ‘Mama Knows Best’ has become a saying in our house, an ongoing light-hearted joke. I think it does exactly what it is intended to do, brightening up the room and bringing some positivity and humour right into the heart of our home. The cover is a 100% cotton and the cushion is filled with polyester. Size is 43cm x 43cm, and it is available to buy for £4.

Wilko Floral Double Wall Water Bottle

The design is beautiful and also very colourful and bright. The Wilko Floral Double Wall Water Bottle is a 500ml bottle and ideal for office, gym or home. I really love the playfulness of this, and it is something that will last for a long time. I prefer this stainless-steel bottle far above the usual plastic water bottle I use, as it keeps drinks really cold, for up to 12 hours. Although I haven’t tried it with hot drinks, it states that it will keep drinks warm for up to 8 hours, so it is really versatile. It is on sale for £5.

Wilko Floral Bamboo Mug

I absolutely love matching sets of things, so this Floral Bamboo Mug with the same design as the water bottle is absolutely perfect. It is made from eco-friendly bamboo and is just the right size for a lovely cup of coffee on the go. With the screw on lid there’s no spills and it has a band to make it safer to grip. This is available to buy for £5 as well.

Wilko Floral Gift Box

As if the matching coffee mug and water bottle wasn’t enough, they came with a matching Floral Gift Box! The whole set together is just beautiful. It measures at 30 x 19.5 x 10.5cm, so the water bottle and coffee mug fit in with a bit of space to spare for Mum’s favourite chocolates or biscuits. It is available to buy for £2.50.

Best Mum Rosette

This is the cherry on the cake for this playful and bright set of gifts.

As lovely as it is to get flowers and chocolates for Mother’s Day, this set makes for a really nice change. The prices on all of these items are so reasonable, and it is feminine, colourful and it all has a real ‘feel good’ about it.

It is a great combination between being low cost but not feeling cheap, playful but also useful, practical and durable. I would have been very happy getting this from my children for Mother’s Day and recommend whole heartedly it gets included in the Mother’s Day Gift Guide for WGTD. 

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