FeaturedWGTD Virtual Christmas Market 2020

WGTD Virtual Christmas Market 2020

Here at What’s Good To Do.com it has always been important to us to support businesses of all sizes. During such challenging times as now, it has never been more important to us to support other businesses. We are therefore holding a Virtual Christmas Market in between now and 24th December 2020.

How to book a stall

Booking a virtual stall is FREE OF CHARGE. It is a 2 step process…

STEP 1 – Please simply complete the online form here and a post will go onto our website as a draft. Please note that you can add up to 10 photos to your post.

STEP 2 – Please also join our FB group here. This way you get editorial on our website as well as being able to upload photos to an album we set up for you on the FB group. Further instructions are provided in the FB group.

How to browse our stalls

Please see our stalls here or you can click on the one’s you fancy taking a look at below.

Stall no. 0001 – Twinkle Gifts (please click the image below for more info)

Stall no. 0001 – Twinkle Gifts

Stall No. 0002 – Colourwheel Art Prints

Stall No. 0003 – Chocolate Monstera

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