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Water Babies Fish Family Bath Toys Review

Reviewed by David Ashworth

As any parent will agree, there can be nothing worse than a rainy Sunday afternoon at home with young children. Nothing to do, nowhere to go and boredom looming its ugly head. Luckily, this gloomy afternoon I had an ace up my sleeve.

Water Babies, The UK’s leading baby swim school, has launched its new line of toys THE FISH FAMILY. Four new toys suitable for new-borns and upwards, made of natural latex rubber and named by Water Babies swimmers and children of varying ages.

Water Babies, founded in 2002, is the world’s largest baby swim school and teaches over 52,000 young children every week through franchise outlets in the UK, Canada, China, New Zealand and the Netherlands to name a few. They have won numerous awards including Best Swimming Class, Best Baby Development Activity and Best Baby and Toddler Development for five years running from 2010 and have received countless other awards for their efforts in encouraging and training youngsters   

Water Babies four brand new characters (SMOOCH, CUSTARD, INKY and DOTTY) are hand painted using natural food grade dye and the latex rubber is soft and squashy making them safe for younger children to chew on if teething, however they are also extremely durable so do not come apart or leave bits of paint floating in the water. They are also totally free of Phthalate.

The FISH FAMILY is brightly coloured to stimulate kids of all ages and encourage pretend play as well as develop knowledge of the colour spectrum. Each member of the FISH FAMILY is sold separately and comes with its own little swim bag to live in when not in use, complete with a name tag and picture of the fish. Also, the toys have been designed without air holes to prevent any build-up of bacteria from stagnant water or general bath time grime. This can be a huge issue as many parents will know, particularly with bath toys, mould can quickly make a bath toy unsafe for use very quickly if not completely drained and bacteria is allowed to build up, so this makes a welcome innovation and will potentially save money in the long run by not having to replace degraded bath toys.

The FISH FAMILY are suitable for the pool or bath and are a great way to encourage kids’ confidence in the water whilst also stimulating the imagination. They are also a great idea for kids who don’t like going in the bath; I introduced my daughter to the FISH FAMILY prior to a bath and rather than the usual screaming tantrum, I was greeted with smiles and giggles of delight as she played with SMOOCH and the gang. They are also a fantastic way to encourage young children learning to swim, we can all remember a time in our lives when having a favourite toy for comfort and security made all the difference in a new and scary situation.

Water Babies new FISH FAMILY are individually priced at £8.99 a fish and available from the Water Babies website

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £8.99 each

For more information or to buy online visit

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